Super Bowl XLV: 10 Reasons I'll Root Against the Steelers vs. Packers

Tommy StewartContributor IFebruary 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: 10 Reasons I'll Root Against the Steelers vs. Packers

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    Super Bowl XLV is upon us. All the talk will be over and it will be time to settle things on the field between the Packers and Steelers. I'm not a fan of either squad, so when you're in this position you usually have to find a reason to root for or against one of the teams. That's very easy this year as I have never had any real love for this year's AFC representative. Taking that into consideration, I've decided to list my top ten reasons why I will be cheering Green Bay to their fourth Super Bowl title this Sunday. Here we go.

10. The Bad Guys Usually Wear Black

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    The Steelers home jerseys are black. Their helmets are black. Just think of Super Bowl XLV as the wild west and no one ever wants to see the bad guys ride off victorious. The Good Guys (Packers) should be the last men standing.

9. Cheese Tastes Much Better Than Steel

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    Green Bay is known for their Cheeseheads. Pittsburgh is blue-collar and steel. Since I will be eating during the game, I gotta go with the most edible of these two. Advantage Packers.

8.Green Bay Coach Mike McCarthy Is A Pittsburgh Native

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    Since Green Bay's head coach was born in the Steel City, it will be much easier for Pittsburgh fans to take losing to a hometown boy. It is the best of both worlds. Green Bay wins and Pittsburgh can crow about a local kid making good at their expense.












7. We Need To See A New Super Bowl Champion

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    Pittsburgh has won two Super Bowls recently, in 2006 and 2009.  Green Bay last won a Super Bowl in 1997. Who (other than Steelers fans) wants to see one team win three in six years? Not many, I would imagine. Time to let a new team rule the NFL roost.

6. Clay Matthews Deserves To Win Something This Year

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    Green Bay Linebacker Clay Matthews should have won the 2010 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year. The award went to Pittsburgh Safety Troy Polamalu instead. Matthews had 13.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and and interception in leading the sixth seeded Pack to the Super Bowl.  Polamalu had 7 interceptions and a sack. A good year with a few big plays yes but not as dominant as the one Matthews had. That being said, I think Matthews would gladly trade the DPOY award for a Super Bowl ring this season and he has the chance to do just that.

5. Bay Brothers

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    Tampa Bay (my favorite team) and Green Bay are linked by their names. If my Tampa Bay can't raise the Lombardi Trophy this year, it may as well be the other "Bay". Not to mention both are former members of the defunct NFC Central division.

4. Making Terry Bradshaw Uncomfortable

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    Mr. Bradshaw most likely will preside over the Lombardi Trophy presentation after Super Bowl XLV ends. It would be no fun if the former Steelers legend does a lovefest with his former team. Things would be much more interesting seeing Bradshaw have to give the trophy to the Packers after they've defeated the franchise he lead to four championships. You know it would be stinging him like crazy, which is why I'd love every second of it.

3. Weary of Steeler Fans Ignorance Of History

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    Green Bay has won 12 NFL Championships, including 3 Super Bowls. Pittsburgh has won 6 Super Bowls. Many Steeler fans seem to think the NFL started when they began winning in the 1970's. Alas, you cannot ignore the years of pathetic play Pittsburgh had before Chuck Noll came along. They didn't win anything until 1975. They began play in 1933. That's over 42 years of futility. Yet, their fans act as if that part of the team's legacy never happened. At least Packer fans seem willing to own the horrible David Whitehurst/Chester Marcol years of the late 70's.

2. Mr. Woodson (and Green Bay) Goes To Washington

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    President Obama evidently didn't want to come to Super Bowl XLV after his Chicago Bears were stopped in the NFC Championship by Green Bay. Packer Cornerback Charles Woodson got wind of this and the rallying cry for the Pack became that they would go to D.C. to see Mr. Obama. That is after they win this year's Super Bowl. I'd love to see the President (who I'm a huge fan of) have to hold up a Green Bay jersey with his name on it. Not to mention, that it would make Woodson a total look like a psychic.

1. P-T-Give Me A Break

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    I respect Michael Wilbon for everything he has done as a writer. His resume totally speaks for itself and he is a true professional. He knows sports. I just want him to acknowledge once in awhile that there are other sports teams outside of Chicago that matter. Basketball fans in Portland don't care about the Bulls. People who like the Avalanche in Denver could care less about the Blackhawks. Finally, football lovers in Tampa (and a lot of other cities) don't give a rat's behind about the Bears. I know Mr. Wilbon will root for the Steelers because he hates the Pack (like President Obama). I understand and am cool with that. Yet, that is the biggest reason to root for Green Bay. A Bears lover with a national sports platform seeing his team's biggest rival roll them on the way to winning it all would be excruciating. The one good thing is that he'll be talking about it for a long time on his show.

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