B/R Exclusive Interview: Philadelphia Eagle Defensive End Ricky Sapp

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2011

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 28:  Defensive end Ricky Sapp #7 of the Clemson Tigers sacks quarterback Josh Nesbitt #9 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the 2009 ACC Football Championship Game at Raymond James Stadium on December 5, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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Philadelphia Eagles 2010 fifth-round draft pick Defensive End Ricky Sapp was gracious enough to sit down with Bleeding Eagle Green and discuss the status of his knee injury that required Arthroscopic knee surgery.

Sapp is considered a hybrid player capable of playing both the defensive end and linebacker positions. The Eagles might have depth at the end position, but the linebacker is a whole other ball game!

I would like to be the first of hopefully many who will take the time and thank Ricky Sapp for the time he has provided Bleeding Eagle Green's fans and Philadelphia Eagles fans every where!

Without further ado, I introduce Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Ricky Sapp!


Rick, allow me to formerly introduce myself and give you a brief background of myself. My name is Dan Dubrow and I am the founder of www.bleedingeaglegreen.com. Aside from owning my site, I am also a Featured Columnist and Community Leader for Bleacher Report.com. I also am a Featured Blogger on a Philadelphia based website PhillyToDo.com.

I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude for providing myself and Philadelphia Eagles fans a few moments out of your busy schedule to for this Q&A session.

Q: I don’t want to waste any of your time so I will just jump right in and start off by asking what every fan wants to know: How is the rehab going on your knee injury? Does Mr. Burkholder anticipate you will be ready for Training Camp?

A: The rehab is going great.. I have been getting great work from the trainers.. I will be healthy by time the season start

Q: You were a fifth-round draft pick last year for the Eagles, a selection the vast majority of fans are calling a steal. Where you disappointed that your name wasn’t called sooner. If so, how will you transfer that “fuel” onto the playing field?

A: I was highly upset when so many teams passed me up, but at the end of the day i was drafted and was blessed to be picked by such a great team. It was always a dream to be in the NFL and im just glad the eagles gave me a chance. I have a chip on my shoulder from being picked so late and i plan to use it on the field as long as I’m in the NFL.

Q: You’re listed as a Defensive End on your profile on the Philadelphia Eagles official website but you are considered a hybrid player capable of also playing Linebacker. Looking at the depth on the current depth chart, is it fair to say you have more of a chance of playing time as a Linebacker and would you be ok with playing that position?

A: I agree i think it is fair to say that I could see more playing time at backer. I don’t have a problem with playing linebacker at all and would love to play backer or whatever they want me to play

Q: Can you play all three linebacker positions? Where do you feel your skill set would best be utilized if you were asked to play the Linebacker position?

A: Well I think i could it just a matter of working hard at it and putting in a lot of work. I think I’m big and fast enough to play that position.

Q: If you had to describe yourself in one word in regards to your style of play on the field, what word would you use?

A: aggressive

Q: If you weren’t playing football in the National Football League, what would you see yourself most likely doing?

A: I wanna work with kids and coach, so if i wasn’t playing football i would be coaching high school basketball or doing something to work with kids

That concludes our Q&A session with Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Ricky Sapp. Again, thank you Mr. Sapp for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer this list of questions for your fans!


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