Super Bowl Fever: 5 Reasons Why Super Bowl 45 Could Be the Best Super Bowl Ever

Shane Quinn Contributor IIFebruary 4, 2011

Super Bowl Fever: 5 Reasons Why Super Bowl 45 Could Be the Best Super Bowl Ever

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    Every year, there's a magic moment that makes up a Super Bowl. The year before, it was the Tracy Porter interception off of Peyton Manning that propelled the Saints to their first Super Bowl, and the year before that was Santonio Holmes toe-tapping and making the game winning touchdown to secure the sixth Lombardi for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who it will be this year, and here's five reasons why this could be the best Super Bowl ever in Super Bowl history.

1. Elite Quarterbacks

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    It's pretty amazing that the two best quarterbacks in the league are in the Super Bowl. In one corner, you have Ben Roethlisberger had a 97.0 passer rating in the regular season, had 17 touchdowns to only 6 interceptions. Aaron Rodgers did even better, as he posted a 101.2 passer rating for the regular season. It's rare to have both elite quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, but it's even rarer to have both quarterbacks in the prime of their careers.

2. Dominant Defenses

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    This Super Bowl contains the two best defenses in the NFL. The Pittsburgh defense is ranked the top defense in the league, holding the teams they have played in the postseason to 207.5 yards, and Green Bay isn't all too terrible either. They are ranked number third in postseason defense stats, and held all teams to 282.3 yards. This should be a really good game for both defenses.

3. The History Between The Two Teams

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    The history between the two teams is legendary. The Steelers won four super bowls in the 1970s with their coach, Chuck Noll. The Steelers went through a rough patch in the 1980s and then become dominant once again in the mid-nineties, reaching their first super bowl since 1979 in 1995. They lost that Super Bowl, but won two Super Bowls in the mid to late 2000s, and are in the Super Bowl once again to possibly win a seventh Lombardi Trophy. The Packers on the other hand, won two Super Bowls with coach Vince Lombardi and won a Super Bowl with Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre in the year 1996.

4. Explosive Wideouts

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    The receivers for both of the teams are explosive, fast, and can stretch the field. Mike Wallace had 1,257 receiving yards, and had a 21.0 yard average. Greg Jennings had 1,265 yards and also had an 16.6 yards average. Hines Ward had 755 yards receiving, and Donald Driver had 565 yards receiving. This is gonna be an exciting game to watch if you're an offensive minded football fan.

The Head Coaches of Both Teams

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    Both head coaches of both teams are arguably the best coaches of the year. Both had key players injured in the 2010 season. Both coaches had go through major hurdles to get to this point and both head coaches deserve majority of the credit because if it wasn't for them, both teams wouldn't be in the Super Bowl.

    If we're talking about experience in the Super Bowl, Mike Tomlin has it in spades. Mike Tomlin won one Super Bowl, in Super Bowl 43, against the Arizona Cardinals. As for Mike McCarthy, he lacks experience. This is McCarthy's first ever Super Bowl, and far as players go, the Steelers have much more experience than the Packers' players as well. I think the coaching in this game will be excellent for both teams, and no doubt in my mind, this will be a Super Bowl to remember forever.