Vince Young Trade Rumors: Should The Minnesota Vikings Pass On Troubled QB?

Ross ColemanAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2011

Vince Young Trade Rumors: Should The Minnesota Vikings Pass On Troubled QB?

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    The Minnesota Vikings are looking to replace future Hall of Famer Brett Favre after No. 4 decided to hang it up.

    There are a few possibilities already on the roster in Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb.

    But what about Vince Young?

    Young is on his way out of Tennessee, and it shouldn't take too much to get him sent to Minnesota as part of a trade.

    But would the Vikings want him?

    There are plenty of positives and negatives to consider regarding a possible Vince Young trade.

    The question is: Should Minnesota pass on Vince Young?

5. No: Vince Young Has Something To Prove

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    After a tough ending to an up and down career in Tennessee, Vince Young has a lot to prove going forward.

    That desire to prove himself again could be a great motivator, and a major advantage for whichever team he ends up with.

    If Minnesota is the place, it could be mutually beneficial.

    Young needs to reassert himself in the upper echelon of young quarterbacks, and the Vikings need a good quarterback.

5. Yes: Want Someone to Manage the Game, Not a Redemption

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    While the Vikings do need someone to win games for them, the best way to do that is to hand the ball to Adrian Peterson.

    While it would be nice to bring in a guy that can win games with his arm and legs, that is really not what Minnesota needs. They need someone who doesn't turn the ball over or put his team in bad situations, both of which Vince Young has done in the past.

    If Young can come in and manage the game, then I would want him in Minnesota.

    Otherwise, that is not the case.

4. No: Minnesota Needs To Improve The Quarterback Position

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    With Brett Favre on his way out, the Vikings do have a few quarterbacks on their roster that could potentially be good, though they may be better advised to bring someone in via a trade or draft.

    The Vikings have a fairly high draft pick and could target one of the better quarterbacks coming out this year. Young looks like he would come at a much cheaper price though.

    I am not saying they need to bring him in to start, but bringing in Young would increase the depth at quarterback.

4. Yes: Vertical Passing Game

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    Looking at the Vikings offense, they are built to pound the ball, then throw it down the field.

    On one side you have Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin on the other. Both of those guys are awesome at beating their man down the field and catching deep balls.

    Vince Young is not a good downfield passer. He is good at crossing routes, but not the deep balls outside the numbers.

    The Vikings would be wiser to acquire someone with a big arm like Ryan Mallet.

3. No: Winning Mentality

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    Vince Young has a history of winning.

    He won the BCS National Championship his final year at Texas, as well as a ton of games over his career. He even won a bunch of games in Tennessee when he was healthy.

    Bringing in a guy with a winning mentality is huge.

    The Vikings would be wiser to bring in a guy with a winning background than a guy who is still trying to figure it out.

3. Yes: Need Stability, Not Question Marks

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    The Vikings have enough question marks coming into this next season, and they don't need to bring in a guy with a questionable background who has clashed with coaches in the past—especially when you consider the fact that the Vikings have a new head coach.

    When building a team back up after a poor season, you want stability behind the head coach. I am not sure that Vince Young is the most stable guy to have leading the offense.

2. No: Charismatic

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    One thing about Vince Young is that he is always a very well-spoken and charismatic guy. He is a bankable personality and a good guy to have as the face of a franchise.

    While I understand he has had his tough times in Tennessee, I think that was due to him being in a bad situation. He would be better off in Minnesota than he ever was as a member of the Titans.

2. Yes: Joe Webb's Ceiling Vs. Vince Young's Ceiling

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    We have seen Vince Young.

    We know what to expect from him, and there isn't much higher for him to go as far as his potential.

    However, Joe Webb is an unknown asset. He had some really incredible moments last year in Minnesota and he looks like he could be a great quarterback in the future.

    I think at this point, Webb's ceiling is higher than Young's. If the Vikings want someone who could have a better career in the long-term, they should stick with Webb.

1. No: Joe Webb Doesn't Have Much Experience

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    Yes, Joe Webb had some nice moments in 2010, but he only played a handful of games and didn't get many opportunities to throw the ball around.

    Vince Young has a ton of experience.

    While Young has had an up and down career at this point, he would be a nice fit for the Vikings if they want an experiences player leading their offense.

1. Yes: Tarvaris Jackson Or Other Options

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    While Joe Webb has been talked about as the future of the Vikings franchise, Tarvaris Jackson is still on the roster and has quite a bit more experience than Webb. Jackson also has taken the Vikings to the playoffs.

    If the Vikings have their heart set on bringing in another quarterback, there are plenty of other options that they could consider. Carson Palmer, Tim Tebow, Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb are other possible trade pieces, just to name a few.

Conclusion: Should The Vikings Pass on Vince Young?

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    If the Vikings have a shot at Vince Young, they should grab him.

    He would not only be an upgrade over the existing talent on the roster, but he has a winning past and an opportunity to get back on track in Minnesota.

    Unless another stud quarterback falls into their lap, Young would be a good acquisition for the Vikings.