Juan Castillo Promoted to Defensive Coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles

Joe IannelloAnalyst IIIFebruary 2, 2011

PHILADELPHIA - 2006:  Juan Castillo of the Philadelphia Eagles poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Getty Images)
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Eagles fans have been outraged by the names of John Hoke, Perry Fewell and Dennis Allen. They have drooled over the names of Fisher and LeBeau. Since the time Andy Reid flip-flopped his feelings on his defensive coordinator and fired Sean McDermott, they have kept quiet with their normal arrogance that has for 12 years driven Eagles Nation insane. Then, this bombshell hits. Juan Castillo is the new defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

That's right, the same Juan Castillo who has coached the OFFENSIVE line for 13 years. The same Juan Castillo who has never even been affiliated with the defensive side of the ball in the NFL. The Eagles have again decided to stick with their own instead of going all in.

Andy Reid has had 12 years worth of chances and has failed each time. This time though, the Eagles have gone too far. This is not to say Juan Castillo will do a bad job. After all, how can he do worse than Sean McDermott who pioneered the worst red-zone defense of all 32 NFL teams in 25 years? Why does Juan Castillo get the chance to prove he can be a good defensive coach with one of the top teams in the NFL?

Eagles fans deserve better then Juan Castillo. We have gone from Jim Johnson, a well-respected, defensive-minded genius to his protégé Sean McDermott, who proved the past two years that he was not ready for the jump. Now we have Juan Castillo. How can they justify this decision?

They have kept Eagles fans in the dark with their D-coordinator interviews, and for weeks we have been outraged that they can continue to tell us nothing. But when I hear that Juan Castillo will be the next defensive coordinator of the Eagles I begin to understand.

Who can forget how the Eagles so smugly ran the "One Team, One City" ad? Now that the Phillies have won a World Series, gone to another and then proceeded to add Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee to chase another ring, and the Flyers won the Eastern Conference last year and lead the NHL in points this year, the "One Team, One City" mantra sounds even more ridiculous than it did back then.

We will always love our Eagles, but we just wish that the people in charge of making the decisions loved them half as much as we do. Hiring an offensive line coach as the new defensive coordinator does not show us you're committed to winning.

We deserved better than Juan Castillo.