Denver Broncos: Uh Oh, Is There a QB Controversy Brewing In Bronco-Land?

Michael KellerAnalyst IIIFebruary 2, 2011

Is EVP Elway Shaking the Hand of the 2011 Bronco Starting QB?
Is EVP Elway Shaking the Hand of the 2011 Bronco Starting QB?Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

This just in: Jeff Legwald of the Denver Post has published an article entitled "Broncos' Elway Says Kyle Orton Could Start Over Tim Tebow Next Season."

Now after reading the article, I will have to say that the headline is a bit misleading, but it does point out some interesting things about what the current Bronco Brain Trust may be thinking.

Legwald writes: "Making the rounds at the Super Bowl on Wednesday, John Elway said the Broncos have plenty of decisions to make on their roster, including starting quarterback.

"While most football fans in the free world assumed Tim Tebow had already been declared the Broncos starting quarterback for the 2011 season, Elway said that's not the case."

Legwald then asked Elway if last season's starter, Kyle Orton, was still the Bronco starter and Elway responded:

"If we had to go right now, but we've got to make a decision about where we're going to go...In my mind we've got to figure what we're going to do offensively at that position and that's why I'm not guaranteeing anybody's going to start."

Elway also added that "Kyle is definitely in the equation."

That all may be smoke and mirrors to try and bolster the trade value of Orton, but it does cause one to pause and go "HMMMMM." Has Elway learned Front Office speak already?

I know that this article will not set well with all those that have already anointed Mr. Tebow as the Next Big Thing in the Broncos future, but maybe, just maybe Elway, Fox and McCoy are still evaluating their options before next year is here.

Just one of many decisions that have to be made.

Will or won't there be a QB controversy in Denver, after all?

Inquiring minds want to know!

And the plot thickens!