Titans, Palmer: Why This Trade Makes So Much Sense for Tennessee and Cincinnati in 2011

Perry Kostidakis@perrykosContributor IFebruary 1, 2011

The future face of the Titans anyone?
The future face of the Titans anyone?Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Really, no explanation is needed. 

You have the veteran, and the troubled star. 

You have a coach who specializes in troubled stars, and a team that could use some veteran leadership.

In all seriousness, this story writes itself. 

Vince Young would be a great fit for the Cincinnati Bengals, especially if they could keep a hold of Chad Joh..Ochoc...Johnson. He could get mentoring under a coach in Marvin Lewis who embraces the task of fixing young athletes with problems.

I mean for God's sake, for a team that had enough nerve to pick up Pacman Jones, Cedric Benson, and Terrell Owens, bringing Young in at this point would be like bringing in Tim Tebow.

Young is obviously a winner, seeing as the guy has a 30-17 record, and while he is no elite quarterback as he claims, he has the athletic ability and the drive to get better that could benefit both him and the Bengals. 

The possibilities of Carson Palmer in Tennessee are numerous. The Titans have always wanted to throw that deep ball, though that might change with Jeff Fisher leaving. Just as easy to forget is the fact they still have Randy Moss, or at least what's left of him.

The plan is simple. The Titans bring in Palmer and let him run the team for two or three years. They all rack up a few wins, maybe make the playoffs, and somewhere along the line, they bring in a youngster to learn under the former Heisman Trophy winner.

While Palmer did have an off-year when having two of the most productive wide receivers in the league, he is still a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback. With the weapons the Titans bring to his disposal he could be dangerous. He could be especially effective in the AFC South, where the pass defense is significantly less competitive than, say, in the AFC North with Pittsburgh and Baltimore. 

For both teams, this could easily be the most intelligent option.

The free agency potential this year is low (Matt Hassellbeck, Matt Moore, Matt Leinert being the most notable) and neither team has much potential in their other quarterbacks.

Chris Simms is sans spleen, Kerry Collins is 100 years old (well almost) and we saw Rusty Smith's potential (or lack thereof) this year.

And as for the Bengals, they only have Dan LeFevour, and though he is the NCAA's career leader in total touchdowns, there isn't much hope for the kid, at least not to my knowledge. 

It's a win-win situation.

And between these two teams, they need all the wins they can get.