Oakland Raiders: What Do We Know About Bob Wylie, The New Offensive Line Coach?

Dennis ParslowContributor IFebruary 1, 2011

Oakland Raiders: What Do We Know About Bob Wylie, The New Offensive Line Coach?

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    When the Raiders announced last week that Steve Wisniewski would be the offensive line assistant, Raider Nation wondered who would be the new offensive line coach.  

    Now they know it will be none other than Bob Wylie.  

    Just in case you don't know a lot about him, here is a rundown of Wylie's history as an NFL offensive line coach.

Tampa Bay Bucs, 1992-1995

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    Eric Rhett put up 1000 in his first two years under WylieAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    In 1992, Tampa Bay went 5-11 and had the 21st ranked offense. They rushed for 1,706 yards, a 3.9 ypc  average. Reggie Cobb led the team with 1,171 yards rushing.   Sacks Allowed = 45

    In 1993, Tampa Bay again went 5-11 and fell to 25th in offense. The team rushed for 1,290 yards with a 3.2 ypc average, again led by Reggie Cobb.   Sacks Allowed = 39

    In 1994, Tampa Bay climbed to 6-10, but fell to 26th in offense. The team rushed for 1,489 yards with a 3.5 average, led by Eric Rhett who had 1,011 yards.  Sacks Allowed = 30

    In 1995, the Bucs improved to 7-9, but fell to 29th in offense. Rhett put up 1,207 yards, and the team had 1,587 yards with a 4.0 average.   Sacks Allowed = 56

Chicago Bears, 1999-2003

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    Thomas had success under Bob WylieJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    In 1999, Chicago finished 6-10 with the 25th ranked offense. Curtis Enis led the team with 916 yards and the team totaled 1,387 yards with a 3.5 average.   Sacks allowed = 38

    In 2000, the Bears fell to 5-11 with the 28th ranked offense. Of the 1,736 yards the team ran for, James Allen had 1,120, and the team had a 4.2 yard average.  Sacks allowed = 34

    In 2001, the Bears exploded to 13-3 with the 11th ranked offense. Anthony Thomas put up 1,183 yards out of the 1,742 the Bears totaled.  Sacks allowed = 17

    In 2002, the Bears fell to 4-12 and 27th in offense. Thomas missed four games but only mustered 721 yards, while Leon Johnson had 329. The team rushed for 1,344 yards and a 3.5 yard average. Sacks allowed = 44

    In 2003, the Bears went 7-9 and were the 23rd ranked offense. Bears fans were forced to watch Kordell Stewart and Rex Grossman take most of the snaps. Somehow, Thomas still rushed for 1,024 yards and the team totaled 1,763 yards.  Sacks allowed = 43

2004 Arizona Cardinals

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    Emitt SmithJeff Gross/Getty Images

    Wylie coached under Dennis Green in 2004 and had the aging Emmitt Smith as his lead back.

    The Cardinals compiled a 6-10 record and were 26th in offense. The team ran for 104 yards per game and 1,668 yards for the season.

    They allowed 39 sacks.

2010 Denver Broncos

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    After years in the CFL, Wylie returned to the NFL with the Denver Broncos. He attempted to transform the Broncos from the signature Shanahan zone-blocking to a power rushing force. Then, they threw the ball nearly every down.

    The Broncos plummeted to 4-12 with the 19th ranked offense in the league. They managed to rush for 1,544 yards with Knowshon Moreno leading the way with 779 of them.


    Denver's line allowed 40 sacks.

Can Bob Wylie Help The Raiders Become The Bully Of The AFC West?

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    Hopefully He'll Be Leading lot of TD Drives in 2011Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

    While only one of the teams he coached was ever in the top 20 in total offense, Wylie did have six 1,000-yard rushers in his 10 years as an offensive line coach. That bodes well for the continued maturation of Darren McFadden.   

    Hopefully Jared Veldheer and Bruce Campbell can unleash their potential and start to maul people all over the field.

    If so, maybe the Raiders could have two 1,000-yard rushers in 2011!