Bart Scott Just "CANT WAIT": Top NFL Rants Of 2010

Jake SilverCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2011

Bart Scott Just "CANT WAIT": Top NFL Rants Of 2010

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    Every season, there are always a few people around the NFL that manage to make a scene on TV.

    Whether its T.O making you laugh with his post game tears, or Dennis Green giving you nightmares, somebody in the league is guaranteed every season to say or do something crazy.

    And 2010 was no exception.

    There were plenty of hilarious moments to see, and thanks to the wonderful invention known as Youtube, we can enjoy them again and again.

    Happy watching!

    (Warning: Some of these do contain profanity. Others may cause lung failure from laughing too hard)

5. Randy Moss, Week 8

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    Gotta love Randy Moss.

    No matter what he does, no matter what others do for him, the guy is never happy. He felt unwanted in New England, so they traded him to the Vikings.

    Not long after he did this.

    Moss needs to make up his mind. He can't have it all, and the sooner he learns that, the better off he'll be. I'm sure his "heartfelt" words made Bill Belichick feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it changed nothing and just made him look silly.

    Nice one Randy.

4. Ray Lewis, Week 1

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    Of all the people in the world, Rex Ryan should know better than to piss off Ray Lewis.

    I mean, seriously? It's RAY LEWIS. I'm not saying that Ray Lewis is the reason the Jets lost in Week 1, but why would you ever feed this man bulletin board material?

    On the other hand, there is no such thing as a Ray Lewis rant that isn't priceless; the angry ravings of this frightening individual probably has reporters peeing in their pants from fear or laughter every time.

3. Rex Ryan, Training Camp

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    Courtesy of HBO's Hard Knocks, we get to see everyone's favorite big man going nuts on his team. You don't want to make the big green man angry. Apparently, cursing, yelling, and being angry make Rex Ryan hungry. As do a lot of other things. Enjoy!

    *Warning: Heavy Profanity

2. Derek Anderson, Week 12

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    This was one for the ages.

    Watching it immediately made me think of Ryan Leaf. Anderson was asked a simple question, maybe on a touchy subject, but he freaked out. Sorry Derek, I know you were probably upset, but you didn't exactly play well. Maybe going crazy on a reporter was not the smartest idea you've ever had. 

    Nice Ryan Leaf impression though.

    At least Derek wasn't a top draft pick...

1. Bart Scott, Divisional Playoff

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    This is the only one where the guy was actually talking about something good, though he had a pretty angry way of showing it. Bart was right to be angry; after all, nobody picked the Jets to win that game, and those chip-on-the-shoulder players take those things personally. As a Giants fan, I can see why he was pissed.

    On the other hand, Sal Paolantonio looked like he was going to burst out laughing in Bart Scott's face, but you can't really blame him.

    Tom Jackson, I'd sleep with one eye open.

    No matter what way you slice it though, this is by far the best and most hilarious rant of 2010. Way to go Bart.

BONUS: Wes Welker

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    This isn't really a rant, but it was too funny to leave off the list completely. Wes Welker, some wit, Rex Ryan's fetish, and a press conference. Have fun with the bonus!