Super Bowl 2011: 10 Reasons Why Dallas Is a Great Venue

Jim MancariCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2011

Super Bowl 2011: 10 Reasons Why Dallas Is a Great Venue

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    When the season began, many fans and analysts believed that the Dallas Cowboys would be playing in their home stadium come time for the Super Bowl.

    Well, even though that didn't exactly work out, Dallas is still the perfect venue to host the big game.

    Here are 10 reasons supporting this case. It should be an exciting week in "Big D."

1. New Stadium

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    The $1.15 billion Cowboys Stadium opened prior to the 2009 NFL season, incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

    The stadium's big-screen stretches 60 yards so everyone can see the action at all times.

    It is the fourth-largest NFL stadium, and will serve as a great location to host the Super Bowl this year and in future seasons.

    Playing the Super Bowl in this stadium may inspire other owners to follow the example the Cowboys have set in constructing a stadium.

    Maybe they can ask Jerry Jones for a loan.

2. Capacity

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    The stadium seats 80,000 rather comfortably. With standing room included, 110,000 fans can watch the game.

    Having that many people on hand for the Super Bowl will be great for the NFL. Maybe the officials will realize what the sport means to so many fans and solve the issues with the CBA.

    The game should be a sellout, which will create a great Super Bowl atmosphere.

3. Fanbase

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    Dallas has one of the greatest fanbases in the country. The Cowboys are still considered "America's Team".

    Even though the Cowboys had a poor season, the fans still showed up in droves to cheer on their squad. Expect them to show up for the Super Bowl as well.

    Believe me, I'm a Giants fan, so I truly enjoyed watching the Cowboys struggle. But I do respect the passion of their fanbase.

    These fans deserve to host the big game after all they went through this year.

4. Publicity for the City

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    The NFL thrives when the Dallas Cowboys are relevant. Most of the other teams hate the Cowboys and relish an opportunity to beat Dallas.

    This year, Dallas was out of the picture early, so much of the attention was focused elsewhere.

    All the media attention being paid to Dallas this week will definitely raise the hype for the Cowboys heading into next season.

    The city will be able to rebound by hosting the big game.

5. Central Location

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    Dallas is centrally located in the country, allowing easier access for media outlets throughout the U.S. to send their representatives to cover the event.

    Even though distance probably would not stop radio or television stations from covering the Super Bowl anyway, the location makes it that much easier for media personnel to attend the game.

6. City Can Handle the Media

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    Having the Super Bowl played in a big football market like Dallas facilitates the media coverage of the game.

    Dallas is used to scores of media personnel being present at games and press conferences.

    When the Super Bowl was in Detroit or Arizona, I'm sure it was a shock to some fans to see the number of media personnel that turn out for this game.

    The Cowboys' organization should have no surprises during Media Day.

7. The Big Screen

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    As I mentioned earlier, the big screen in Cowboys Stadium spans 60 yards. Though it is beneficial to fans, the size of the monitor has posed problems for punters.

    It hasn't happened too often, but balls have hit the screen at the apex of punts.

    This quirk will have to be taken into account by Packers punter Tim Masthay and Steelers punter Jeremy Kapinos.

    I kind of like this element, as it will force the punters to be even more accurate. Punting is one of those aspects of a game that often gets overlooked.

    However, field position is the name of the game.

8. Weather (Retractable Roof)

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    Snow in Dallas?

    Surprisingly, Dallas received a dusting of the white stuff. (Just imagine what might happen when the Super Bowl is played at the New Meadowlands.)

    Luckily, the roof is retractable, so weather won't be an issue, and there can be no excuses about poor playing conditions.

    Whichever team plays better will win the game.

9. Football Tradition

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    Dallas is a city rich in football tradition. From Roger Staubach to Tony Dorsett to the great Cowboy teams of the mid-1990's featuring Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, this city knows its football.

    Another chapter in the storied history of Dallas football can be written with an epic battle between two of the most celebrated football franchises in the league: the Packers and Steelers.

10. Jerry Jones Will Be Happy for at Least a Day

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    After a tough year for the Cowboys, it will be interesting to see how Jerry Jones responds this offseason.

    At least for a day, Jones can revel in his successes as an NFL owner by having the Super Bowl on his home turf. He has revolutionized the landscape for franchise ownership, and being able to see his stadium host the big game is a nice payoff.