Super Bowl XLV: The 10 Worst Quarterback Performances in Super Bowl History

Alex MonacoContributor IIFebruary 1, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: The 10 Worst Quarterback Performances in Super Bowl History

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    ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 30:  The logo for Super Bowl XLV outside of Cowboys Stadium on January 30, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. Cowboys Stadium will host Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers in Arlingto
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    I'm a young guy so I had no idea some of the performances I soon came to realize by some of the well known names of the history of the league.  I thought Elway, Unitas, and Roethlisberger were all winners in the big game?

    Little did I know.

    Let's take a look at some of the worst performances in Super Bowl history by the guys we call the captains of our teams...

10. Ben Roethlisberger: Super Bowl XL

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    We did it but I stunk
    We did it but I stunkA. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    Believe it or not, there are only two combined touchdown throws from all of the 10 candidates. Coming in at number ten is Ben Roethlisberger.  He had zero touchdown throws in his first Super Bowl performance in Detroit Rock City.  

    It was Super Bowl XL and it was Ben trying to win one for long time head coach Bill Cowher and running back for the Steelers, Jerome Bettis.

    Big Ben threw for 153 yards and two interceptions on nine of 21 passing.  It was a miserable day in the stat books but it doesn't appear that way because he won the game.  

    Interesting stat: Ben watched the only touchdown thrown by the Steelers on that day and it was Antwaan Randle El to Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward on a trick play.  

9. Billy Kilmer: Super Bowl VII

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    It was way before I was born, but I know it as the game that led to the only perfect season in NFL history. The Dolphins ended the 1973 season perfectly, and it was in large part because of a devastating defense in Super Bowl VII.

    Billy Kilmer was in a panic all game, only completing half of his 28 passes and turned the ball over three times.  He had 104 total yards passing.

    The final score was 14-7 and will forever be remembered as the game the Redskins gave up to a team that went perfect.

    A perfect season...can you believe it hasn't been matched?

8. Craig Morton: Super Bowl V

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    In a game known as the "Blunder Bowl," a pair of Super Bowl performances from Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas and Dallas Cowboy quarterback Craig Morton were unforgettable, to say the least.  

    Unitas completed just three passes the entire game.  Three!  

    Morton actually threw for more yards on more completions but the Cowboys lost the game.  Morton threw three interceptions that proved to be costly in a game that Dallas almost covered the spread in (Colts -2.5). 

    The final score was 16-13 in favor of the Colts.  Craig Morton's performance at quarterback in Super bowl V was a forgetful one.  

7. David Woodley: Super Bowl XVII

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    A Miami defense, nicknamed the "Killer B's" because so many of the Dolphin defenders last name ended in B, couldn't prevail in Super Bowl XVII over the Washington Redskins.

    The Skins put a huge damper on David Woodley, starting quarterback for Miami.  After the first quarter, Woodley would go on to complete just three passes for 21 yards.  

    Woodley did have a touchdown thrown in that game, but it doesn't disregard the fact that he completed four passes the entire game.

    Four of 14 for 97 yards with a touchdown and an interception on the day for David Woodley.  This was an end to a bizarre season in the NFL that faced a strike during the year of Super Bowl XVII.  

6. Fran Tarkenton: Super Bowl IX

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    Tarkenton throughout his career understood the role of quarterback.  You're the captain, you're the dictator, you're the decision maker.

    Unfortunately in Super Bowl IX, Tarkenton ran into the Steel Curtain who had him turning the ball over left and right.  

    Against the Steelers in Super Bowl IX, Tarkenton threw three interceptions and went 11 of 26 for 102 yards.

    Pittsburgh's defense was angry that day and it almost seemed whoever stepped into the role of quarterback against the Steelers in 1975's Super Bowl was going to receive a beating.

    A forgetful performance for one of the pioneers of the quarterback position in the early years of the NFL (at least so I've heard).  

5. John Elway: Super Bowl XXIV

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    NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 28:  Defensive end Charles Haley #94 of the San Francisco 49ers pressures Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway #7 in Super Bowl XXIV at Louisiana Superdome on January 28, 1990 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The 49ers won 55-10.  (Photo
    George Rose/Getty Images

    I have to say I had no idea about the kind of performances Elway had in some of the Super Bowls he played in.  My goodness...

    Elway, in Super Bowl XXIV, got absolutely run over by the San Francisco 49ers courtesy of Joe Montana.  The score of the game was 27-3, 49ers by halftime!

    The spread on the game was 12 and the final score ended up being 55-10!

    Elway threw two picks, had just 108 yards throwing, and only completed 10 of 26 passing.

    To me, there is no excuse in the Super Bowl to lose by 45 points.  That's six touchdowns plus a field goal to stand as a difference in points.

    Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.  

4. Earl Morrall: Super Bowl III

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    Super Bowl III was a memorable one.  It was the game Namath "Guranteed" the Jets were going to win the game.  

    Johnny Unitas did not play out the game and a guy by the name of Earl Morrall came in to back Unitas up for the Colts.

    Morrall did not fill the role of starting quarterback like Colts fans would've hoped.  

    In a game where Baltimore put up just seven points of offense, Morrall completed just six passes for 71 yards. He also turned the ball over three times on interceptions.

    The Jets went on to win the game but it was the poor play at quarterback by Earl that led to a disastrous defeat by the New York Jets.

3. Kerry Collins: Super Bowl XXXV

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    28 Jan 2001:  Quarterback Kerry Collins #5 of the New York Giants is grabbed by the face mask by Jamie Sharper #55 of the Baltimore Ravens during the Super Bowl XXXV Game at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Ravens defeated the Giants 34-7.
    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Super Bowl XXXV was a game I was actually alive for.  I later came to terms with the fact that Collins had one of the worse quarterback performances in Super Bowl history.  

    Kerry Collins, after an unbelievable NFC championship win where the G-men toppled over the Vikings 41-0, faced a Ravens' defense headed by Ray Lewis that caused Kerry a brutal day in the stats world.

    Collins went 15 of 39 for 112 yards total and four interceptions.  There's your ball game folks.

2. Craig Morton: Super Bowl XII

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    I really hate to piggyback off of the trend of awful Craig Morton Super Bowl appearances, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

    Morton came in at number 8 on my list in the Super Bowl V, but seven years later he was even worse than his first appearance in the big game.

    Anybody who says the older become the wiser doesn't apply to Craig Morton in the game of football.

    Morton threw four picks in Super Bowl XII against a Dallas Cowboys' defense that didn't let him throw for over 40 yards!

    Morton completed four passes for 39 yards!  How can you not put him back on the list?

1. Tony Eason: Super Bowl XX

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    0 for 6!
    0 for 6!Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    We've been waiting to see on this the worst Super Bowl performance by a quarterback.  After all, who could be worse than someone who turns the ball over so many times they might as well have given the game away?

    How about someone who doesn't turn the ball over because they don't complete a pass?

    Yeah, that's right. In Super Bowl XX, Tony Eason neglected to complete a pass on six attempts.  

    You must be saying to yourself, "He didn't start right?"  Wrong.

    Eason is to this day the only Super Bowl starting quarterback to never complete a pass in the big game. Granted they were playing the '86 Bears, but come on?  A pass...Eason didn't complete a pass?

    Before doing my research on Super Bowl performances by a quarterback, I thought Trent Dilfer was one of the worst I've ever seen.  Little did I know.