Cincinnati Bengals: 10 Candidates To Replace OC Bob Bratkowski

Max HollanderContributor IJanuary 31, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals: 10 Candidates To Replace OC Bob Bratkowski

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    The biggest move for the Bengals this offseason so far has been the firing of longtime offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski after 10 seasons with the team. In his 10 seasons in Cincinnati, the Bengals ranked 20th or lower in scoring for several seasons. In 2005 though, the Bengals finished fourth with 26.3 points per game and won the AFC North.

    This is a big change for returning coach Marvin Lewis, and it will be interesting to see who takes over. Some top candidates are in the discussion already, and only time will tell who will take over. 

10. Josh McDaniels

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    After being fired by the Broncos, McDaniels could be a good fit for this job with his strong offensive mind and ability to work with quarterbacks. He could fit well with Carson Palmer and bring the Bengals back to winning form. 

9. Jeff Davidson

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    Despite recently taking a job as the Vikings offensive line coach, Davidson may be willing to leave for this opportunity if it is floated his way. As an offensive coordinator in the past, Davidson knows how to work with a struggling team and could be a good fit for the Bengals. 

8. Russ Grimm

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    Because he wants a head coaching job, going to the Bengals as an offensive coordinator could lead him to a head coaching job faster if he succeeds there in his first year. He helped win a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh, and he has that winning mentality organizations look for. 

7. Marty Mornhingweg

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    After being one of the mentors for Michael Vick, Mornhinweg may look to relocate in search of that head coaching job which, like with Grimm, could come faster with continued success as an assistant. Despite failing with the Lions (all coaches as of late fail with the Lions), he is continually making a name for himself, and the Bengals could be very interested in him. 

6. Paul Hackett

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    A quarterback coach would be an ideal pickup for the Bengals, knowing that Carson Palmer wants to leave. Getting a quarterbacks coach would be important for Palmer to succeed next season because he needs a coach that understands what a quarterback wants from his coaches. 

5. Ken Zampese

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    Taking Carson Palmer's most important coach and giving him the ability to call plays could be a smart move for the Bengals. Zampese is a stable quarterbacks coach that has been able to handle Palmer when he has shined and when he has struggled. Zampese would welcome the job, as it would give him the ability to advance his coaching career. 

4. Jim Anderson

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    Running backs coach Jim Anderson is another candidate to take over as the new offensive coordinator. When you hire in house, it helps to keep the same general scheme and philosophy around the locker room. Palmer would feel comfortable knowing that what he has been doing his whole career wouldn't go to waste with a brand new coach. Twenty-six years with the team makes him a qualified candidate. 

3. Paul Alexander

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    In his 17th season with the Bengals, Alexander, like Anderson, has been been with the team through so much that for him not to be considered for this job would be an outrage.

    He's an offensive line specialist, and getting guys to block for the quarterback is the best way to improve production. If given the opportunity, I'm confident he would make the most of it. 

2. Norm Chow

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    Carson Palmer would probably consider Chow his top candidate for the job since Chow coached Palmer at USC. Chow would have to make the transition from college to the NFL, but for Palmer, I'm sure he would do it.

    Chow has been successful in college, and going to the NFL is a completely different ball game, but Chow is more than capable of handling the tough task of revamping the Bengals offense. 

1. Brad Childress

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    After bringing the Vikings into the playoffs in the 2009-2010 season, Childress was fired by the Vikings midseason due to a lack of production and continual losing. Fortunately for him, teams still know he can be a successful coach other than at the head coach level. 

    This seems like the most logical choice for the Bengals with Childress wanting a job and the Bengals wanting a successful offensive-minded coach. Expect to hear of an interview between the two sides soon.