Super Bowl 2011 Prop Bets: Bold Predictions on the Craziest Super Bowl 45 Wagers

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2011

Super Bowl 2011 Prop Bets: Bold Predictions on the Craziest Super Bowl 45 Wagers

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    The biggest game of the year is finally here. We've been waiting for it all season long, and it's going to be a pretty good game.

    It's a great matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Both teams have a great history of Super Bowls. It will be interesting who comes out on top.

    You can place all kinds of bets on sports these days, and with the Super Bowl it can get random. It's the most watched event all year. There's money to be made out in Vegas.

    To find these bets I used betting websites such as Oddsmaker and Bodog. 

    With that said, here are some predictions on some crazy prop bets for Super Bowl XLV.

10. Which Team Will President Obama Mention First?

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    We know President Obama enjoys sports. He's been featured on ESPN picking the NCAA Tournament winner for the last two years, and one time he picked the correct winner.

    I'm taking the Packers in this one.

    President Obama is a Chicago Bears fan, and if he's a true Bears fan he'll mention the Bears and how they lost to Green Bay.

    That should be the first thing he talks about—then probably Jay Cutler and his "toughness."

9. How Long Will Christina Aguilera Hold the Note “Brave”?

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    Over/under six seconds?

    I'll take the over just because it is the Super Bowl. When she sang for the Lakers, it was at five. But this is the biggest game of the year.

    She'll try to get all fancy with it and make it sound really cool—when it doesn't really sound that good at all.

    Let's hope she doesn't forget the words.

8. How Many Times Will FOX Show Jerry Jones?

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    Over/under set at two-and-a-half times. 

    I'll take the under. FOX knows it's his stadium, and he loves to be seen.

    But they also know this is the Super Bowl and fans care about the game, not Jerry Jones. FOX is smart enough to show him, but just not too much.

7. Will Any Live Animal Appear on the Field During Halftime Show?

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    The game is set in Cowboys Stadium. They are "America's Team." Perhaps we see a bald eagle.

    Or perhaps the Black Eyed Peas are just extremely weird and bring out a tiger or something.

    Obviously the two teams in the game don't have animals for mascots, so it would have to be really random and obscure.

    That's why I'd bet no on this one.

6. What Color Liquid Will They Pour on the Winning Coach?

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    Yellow, red, blue, purple, clear, any shade of green or other.

    This is completely random, which makes it extremely hard to bet on. It's nothing but a guess. But that makes it fun. You can also bet if the players that do it will be on offense or defense.

    I've got the Steelers winning, it so I'm gonna bet yellow here—and just a gut feeling, I'll go with defense.

5. What Will Be Mentioned First, Cheesehead or Terrible Towel?

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    Both teams' fans travel really well. There's no doubt we will see the folks waving their terrible towels and somebody proudly wearing cheese on top of their head.

    But which one is mentioned by Joe Buck or Troy Aikman first?

    You can actually do something with the towel other than wear it, so I'd bet on them saying, "fans are waving those terrible towels now" or something along those lines.

4. Will Fergie Wear a Cowboy Hat During Halftime?

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    The game is in Texas. There are real cowboys in Texas. The chances of her wearing one are pretty favorable.

    Fergie is known to wear odd outfits. Odds are somebody will wear a cowboy hat during their performance, but will it be Fergie?

    I gotta bet no on this one.

    I feel like the Black Eyed Peas set will be some futuristic craziness. Cowboys in space? Not likely.

3. Will Any Live Ball Hit the Scoreboard During the Game?

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    It's only happened that one time. I feel like Jerry Jones paid every punter to never hit it.

    They have to be really aiming for it. This is the Super Bowl, so I think it just might get hit.

    I'm gonna bet yes on this one. Don't ask me which team though. Punters Jeremy Kapinos for the Steelers and Tim Masthay for the Packers will aim for it.

2. Which Player's Hair Gets Mentioned First?

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    The bet is for Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews.

    All season long both have been mentioned for their hair and ferocious defense. Each guy will hit you hard, and when walking away you open your eyes and see nothing but long following locks. You wonder, did a chick just drill me? No way, it couldn't be.

    My bet is on Polamalu. Everywhere he goes, someone has to mention the hair. It's long and curly and just catches your eye.

1. Will There Be a Wardrobe Malfunction?

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    For the first time since the Janet Jackson incident, we will not be bored with an old man rocking out.

    Super Bowl XLV's halftime show will feature the Black Eyed Peas. They have a woman in their group. The last female to perform at the Super Bowl was Janet Jackson, and things didn't turn out so well.

    Will it happen again?

    I'd bet no on this one. The NFL is finally letting a female get on stage, and you know there will be restrictions on what she can wear. They do not want this to happen again.

    The Black Eyed Peas don't want to be associated with it either. It certainly doesn't help one's career.