New York Mets Are Not Out of the Woods Yet

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New York Mets Are Not Out of the Woods Yet

For a game that started out so great, how can there be such a bad taste left in the mouths of those who watched? Mr. Knight actually did a pretty good job in his start here to save the Mets season. But once again, the bullpen failed.

Although a victory, and with Johan Santana going tomorrow, there is reason to believe some good mojo can begin to flow, it left that same feeling of uneasiness. No doubt the uneasiness was not just felt by fans of the New York Mets, but also by the entire organization.  

What it comes down to is that the Mets' bullpen is completely incompetent.  The only guy coming out of there that does not make you groan a pathetic groan is Joe Smith. But even he can only go for one inning.

No, the Mets' bullpen is a sick and twisted joke laid upon an organization and its fans. The most offensive aspect of it is how General Manager Omar Minaya looked everyone in the eye during the offseason and had the audacity to proclaim it was stronger. Equally offensive is the fact that Aaron Heilman is still employed by this ballclub.

If for no other reason than having sympathy for a fellow human being, this guy should be let go. He has been a disaster his entire Met career. Do not try to fool anyone with so called "bright spot."

He came in again today, and I went to take a shower because it was already, after one batter, too much to watch. Due to my location being out of the tri-state area, I need to subscribe to MLBTV in order to watch the Met games.

Tonight, I was treated to the delightful pair that are the Washington Nationals announcers. They began a discussion on Met fans after they saw Aaron Heilman take off his jacket to warm up.

They claimed Heilman had become the "whipping boy" for Met fans, and that he was lucky to be in the nations capital tonight rather than at home where he would have endured certain boos, as if it would be unjustified and was a great affront to humanity.  

Aaron Heilman fell when he gave up that huge home run to a third-rate catcher named Yadier Molina in a certain league championship series two seasons ago. He has never recovered. And because he has never recovered (and because he comes off like he does not care), Met fans have been merciless to him.

But as Carlos Delgado (2-for-4, HR, two RBI tonight) would attest, all it takes is a multi-million dollar athlete to actually perform in order to win the fans back in your corner. Heilman will never be able to do that.

Another guy who deserves a beating is de facto captain David Wright (0-for-5, two K's, four LOB). This guy, with the exception of a few games recently, has been absolutely atrocious. There is absolutely nothing funny about his horribly non-clutch performance. He may be a hit with the ladies and ad tycoons, but Mr. Wright could not even hit a beach ball on a tee with runners in scoring position.

It only gets uglier with runners in scoring position and two outs. Someone needs to sit this guy down and tell him he needs to go back to that sweet swing he had coming up. Today David Wright looks like Paul Bunyan hacking upward at a tree.

His uppercut is a disgrace, and self-respecting parents ought to tell their children who idolize Wright to look away from the television when he bats. Somewhere in that man is a boy who came up and knew how to play the game of baseball. He is proving to be an absolute choke artist.

His throwing error in the ninth inning, snapping a 36-game error-less streak, accentuated how badly he is currently choking. But it has got to be the case the team sees him choking, and the men he goes to battle with for the most part do not offer him any oxygen.  

Although Reyes and Beltran had solid nights tonight; overall, it has been a lethargic attitude, dating back to last season, that had Mr. Wright seeming to be the only one who cared. And I believe David does care, I just also believe he cannot take the pressure.

So, actually, instead of a better hitting instructor, maybe the guy needs a shrink to listen to his problems. Wright looks like a man with the entire weight of the world on his shoulders, not a 25-year old man who plays a children's game. This is his time to prove he is not a choke artist.

So far, he is failing.

But wait, did the team not come out victorious tonight? Oh they did, that much is sure. And with Mr. Santana going tomorrow it gives one  a reason to believe. However, what happens when the bats go to sleep for Johan, he goes seven or eight innings and the bullpen has to come into a close game to protect a lead or to save face?

What will happen then?

If history, recent and not so recent, stands to serve as any indication, the only thing it spells out is doom for the Metropolitans. It also spells doom for a fanbase that walks through everyday life bearing the name of their favorite team on their chest or on their skulls.

Do the Mets really want to choke away another division championship, especially on the "eve" of opening a new ballpark? I'll tell you what, if these men masquerading as scared puppies continue like this, the fact that Citi Field has only 45,000 seats will mean very little. They will be an easy ticket to acquire come the 2010 season.  

The idea is to stay positive. But I did that last year. Please prove me wrong.

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