NFL Lockout Video: Watch the NFLPA's New Super Bowl Commercial

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Let them play.

Pretty please? 

My favorite part of that commercial is the little kid who screams "Let them play!" at the 0:49 second mark. It is the perfect way to end the video. 

Don't you remember when you were a kid? Staying up late and watching the game with your dad, loving every minute of it. Running outside to play ball after school with the neighborhood friends is a favorite of any child. 

It's a time when they can be Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson and lead their team to victory. What are they going to do if there's no football next year? Of course they'll still play, but imagine that conversation a dad has with his kid, telling him his favorite team isn't going to play this year. 

We're all fans, here. We all love football. We want them to play. So let them. 

A Super Bowl commercial is a phenomenal idea for the NFL Players Association to do. The sincerity we see from the players and fans is something millions and millions will watch on Super Bowl Sunday. 

And I couldn't love it more. 

The opening shot just grabs a hold of you. The rack focus on the lock as the opening shot. Fans do not want to be locked out of their favorite game. The emptiness of the bleachers, the silence of the weight room, it hits you. No football. 

I say no way.

Here’s the deal, I know Roger Goodell agreed to lower his salary to one dollar if there is a lockout, but who cares? The guy makes $10 million a year. I'm sure he can afford to miss a year of payments. 

I get it, Roger.  You want us to believe you care about getting this deal done. And I'm sure a part of you does. However, show you us you care by getting this deal done now. Why must you leave us with the unknowing? 

Do it for the coach and the players. Most importantly, do it for the fans. We pay our hard-earned money in these tough times to watch the game we love so much. We buy the shirts and gear for a favorite players and teams.

Heck, do it for you, Roger. Another season, the more profits and benefits for your league. You don't want a year of headlines reading about no football. 

I hope Goodell watches that commercial closely. Focus on it. Listen to it. Now do it. 

We love this game. Don't take it away. Let them play. 

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