Super Bowl 2011: Sick of the Steelers—Why I'm Rooting for Green Bay in XLV

Perry KostidakisContributor IJanuary 26, 2011

CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 23:  A fan holds a sign 'XLV'  for the Super Bowl in two weeks in Arlington, Texas in the NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field on January 23, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I've always been one to root for the underdog.

Always, I've been able to associate myself with them, as all my life I've been the small, skinny and slow kid.

The feeling of proving someone wrong is great, and that's why I always go for the underdog.

I was rooting for Oregon against Auburn.

I was rooting for the New York Giants against the undefeated Patriots.

I was rooting for Boise State since they came into prominence.

And these NFL playoffs, I've rooted for the Seahawks, Bears and Jets. Always, always I've had that emotional bond with the ones who nobody believes in, the ones that have no possible chance.

...and that's only half the reason I'm rooting for the Pack.

I mean, face it—isn't it getting old?

I don't want to see Ben "No Means No" Roethlisberger raising another trophy, especially after I was pulling for Arizona and Seattle in the past two he's won.

I don't to hear the cocky, overbearing James Harrison screaming about how many more concussions he wants to hand out.

None of it. I'm done.

High-flying offense is so much more appealing. I love the acrobatic catches, the jaw-dropping finesse, the spins, hurdles, everything. Sure, a hard hit is fun to watch, but my god, it could happen after a 22-yard gain and the linebacker would be celebrating like Megan Fox just accepted his proposal of marriage.

Defense wins championships, but offense wins entertainment. We don't care about 3-0 games.

What is this, baseball?

Now, back to Big Bad Ben. Why is it he's gotten off the chain in the majority of America's eyes, with the exception of a few overused jokes ("Hide your linemen, hide your DBs and hide your linebackers, 'cause Ben's raping everyone out here" is my personal favorite) and a mention here and then about his "offseason mishap?"

Everybody's insinuating that he's "changed," he's "redeemed himself?" The boy hasn't served time, hasn't done anything to make it right, except maybe pay off the girls.

What, he sat out four games? In the long run, how significant were they at all? But I digress.

The Steelers are starting to get the same kind of annoying following that plagued my Gators in recent years. Oh lordy, once a team gets annoying fans, it's like a death wish for appeal, especially when girls who have no knowledge of football are posting statuses saying "Omg let's go Steelers, black & yellow<33333"

When I read those, thankfully there are no small children around, or I'd beat them.

What it comes down to is, the Packers are just a genuinely much more likable team. They have the legend of Lombardi, the famous Cheesehead following and even the rooting for Aaron Rodgers to spite ol' Brett Favre.

The Steelers already have it all: The most championships, tied for most appearances, the famous quarterbacks, "The Steel Curtain."

I mean, damn, the team has its own song, courtesy of native Wiz Khalifa.

It's getting old.

It's time for Green Bay to get its happy ending.