Shorts Circuits: Interview With NFL Draft Prospect Cecil Shorts III

Justis MosquedaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2011

Cecil Shorts runs after plucking a ball from the air his senior year.
Cecil Shorts runs after plucking a ball from the air his senior year.

Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mountain Union


Justis Mosqueda: How come I didn't see you on Saturday at the East-West Shrine Game?

Cecil Shorts III: I tweaked my hammy earlier in the week at practice and I decided to sit out and get healthy for the combine.


JM: So you are going to the combine this year?

CS3: Yes, yes I got invited to the combine so I'm going.


JM: How was the whole experience at the East-West Shrine Game?

CS3: It was cool you know, being a small school guy and not really being able to go against Division I, the best talent in the nation you want to say. You know I'm not a guy you get to see on TV but I think I played right with them, showed myself I can play at that level and it was lots of fun.


JM: It must have been good exposure since you played Division III.

CS3: Oh yeah defiantly ,there were scouts and their guys everywhere.


JM: Was there any teams that really showed that they were interested in you?

CS3: I met with about 20-25 scouts and had meetings with about 4 or 5 staff and general managers.


JM: Why did you choose to go to Mountain Union to go to school and play football for?

CS3: I wasn't very highly recruited out of high school, I was offered by a couple of Division II schools but they weren't as good as Mountain Union or they didn't offer the major or whatever the case was. I just ended up choosing Mountain Union.


JM: You played high school football for you dad right?

CS3: I was the quarterback. Yes sir.


JM: And from what I understand is that you went to Mountain Union as a quarterback, and Pierre Garcon graduated your sophomore year, and you just took his spot and had a huge year.

CS3: Yeah I guess you could say that. I had three excellent years after he left and I defiantly learned a lot from Pierre.


JM: Has Pierre called you up and checked up on you this off season?

CS3: Yeah me and him have a good relationship. Yeah he came down to watch the game even though at the East-West Shrine game so that was pretty cool. But I mean he talks to me and gives me advice every now and then and I ask him questions. He's a real humble guy.


JM: You are around his size, weight and speed level right?

CS3: Yeah I would say that. I weighed in at 200 this past weekend at the East-West Shrine Game and just a hair under 6 foot with 5'11” and 7/8ths so I was pretty upset about that.


JM: Well maybe you can grow before the combine.

CS3: (Laughing) Well hopefully. I'm going to grow my hair and see what happens. The thing about Pierre though has always been thick, he is a really thick guy. He is about 210 and he's just always been thick, he's a real powerful guy.


JM: What do you think your biggest strength is as a receiver?

CS3: I really think that it's my work ethic. I mean I could sit here and say I got good hands, I got good routes, I got good athletic ability but with my work ethic I'm always trying to get better, trying to be the best. Just to prove everybody wrong.


JM: What's the biggest thing that you need to work on at the next level?

CS3: I just think everything. You can never get so good that you are perfect at everything. Just running routes, coming back to the ball, being aggressive when the ball is in the air, strength, speed, just the whole nine yards. At that level there is talent coming in every year to come and take your spot. You play the best of the best. I mean corner backs are the best athletes on the field. You just have to have a good game always.


JM: Is there any guys that you look up to in the NFL right now or when you were a kid?

CS3: Michael Vick is my favorite player when I was little you know coming up as a quarterback. I guess Pierre is my favorite player right now but as far as guys that I model my game after I just watch games and see how other players play and takes parts of their game and use those moves in my game. I like watching Pierre Garcon of course and Greg Jennings is a great receiver. I like watching guys like that that are my size and watch what they do and add what they do to my game.


JM: Is there any guy that you can't wait to face in the NFL?

CS3: Well I have to get there first. Just playing the best of the best of everybody, I wouldn't say there is one person I really want to call out because there are a bunch of guys that are great in the NFL. Receiver-wise I just can't wait to play with the best of the best and learn from them.


JM: What is the one thing you wanted to show people this off season at the combine, the East-West Shrine Game?

CS3: I really want to have a fast 40, I know where I'm at. People think that I'm going to run a 4.5 which is nonsense to me. I just always try to play a chip on my shoulder and coming from a small school I think I come with a big chip on my shoulder and I just can't wait for my 40 time and it's going to be a lot of fun.