Fantasy Football: One Knee Injury Sets In Motion a Revolving Door Of QB's

Cameron FletcherContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

I happen to play in a keeper fantasy league where we pick one player to hold over into the next season.

Being the shroud fantasy football player that I am I decided to keep Tom Brady and his 50 touchdowns to build my team around.

I figured that he alone could deliver for me a third championship in the last four years (I won in 2005 and 2006).

So with Brady in tow I proceeded to build around him.  The next six rounds I picked up Marion Barber, Larry Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Laurence Maroney, Chad Johnson and Willie Parker.  Shrewd moves in my mind.  I added a slew of running backs and receivers around my awesome quarterback Tom Brady.

Then finally in the eighth round I picked up Derek Anderson.  A few rounds later in the eighteenth round I picked up Brett Favre.

Here is a run down of my draft: (# is pick overall)

# Player

2. Tom Brady (Keeper Round)

11. Marion Barber

14. Larry Johnson

23. Larry Fitzgerald

26. Laurence Maroney

35. Chad Johnson

38. Willie Parker

47. Derek Anderson

50. Jeremy Shockey

59. Kevin Curtis

62. Heath Miller

71. San Diego Defense

74. Reggie Williams

83. Donald Lee

95. Jared Allen

98. Steven Gostkowski

107. Brett Favre

110. Tenessee

119. Patrick Willis

121. Antonio Cromartie

131. Oshiomogho Cromartie

134. DJ Williams

143. London Fletcher

146. Kevin Jones

I thought I was pretty well set to run over the rest of my league.  But then Bernard Pollard (not Polley as some female on called him) hit Tom Brady on the knee (it wasn't dirty by the way) setting in motion a revolving door of quarterbacks on my team.

In week one I started Tom Brady and Derek Anderson, who combined got me ten points.

The next week I dropped Brady picked up Jake Delhomme and started Delhomme and Favre.  I proceeded to bench Derek Anderson. Combined Favre and Delhomme got me seven points, while Anderson sitting on the bench would have given me negative one point.

So for this week I dropped Derek Anderson and picked up Trent Edwards.  So if you are counting at home that is five quarterbacks in three weeks.

Also for the record in two weeks time I have received 16 points from my starting quarterbacks in two weeks. Not good.

I went from having a strength at the position to having a weakness.  I hope that Favre and Delhomme will rebound nicely the rest of the way and provide the strong quarterback play that I thought I would have when the season began.

And to think it all started with a busted knee. Shame.