Hollywood Henderson and the Most Controversial Super Bowl Week Moments

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 26, 2011

Hollywood Henderson and the Most Controversial Super Bowl Week Moments

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    Super Bowl XLV is fast approaching. We have less than two weeks before the big game. That leaves ample time for us to twiddle our thumbs while we wait. 

    But fear not football denizens. The week leading up tot eh Super Bowl can sometimes be just as good as the game itself. That week sees millions of people flock to the site of the big game. With it are celebrities as well as loud mouthed athletes. There will be media and cameras everywhere. That is a recipe for a whole lot of goodness to ensue. 

    Here are the top moments that have come from the week leading up to the Super Bowl. These moments live in sports infamy. 

10. Super Bowl XXXIII: Eugene Robinson Solicits Prostitute

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    Eugene Robinson was a stand-up fellow. He was a man that should be admired for how he carried himself on the field and off. It is for the reason that he was bestowed with the Bart Starr Award before the Super Bowl. It is an accolade given to an individual with high moral character. 

    But in the infinite struggle of man versus sex, sex wins in a landslide. Robinson was arrested the same day he received the Bart Starr award for soliciting a prostitute. Come on guys, he just wanted to celebrate in a wholly illegal and morally defunct manner. 

    The culmination of his drama would be his misplayed coverage that lead to a crucial Broncos touchdown. The Falcons would go on to lose the game. 

9. Super Bowl XLI: Tank Johnson Allowed To Play

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    The Bears were dangerously close to being without their starting defensive tackle Tank Johnson. The Bears lineman was arrested for having several firearms including a couple of rifles. Apparently, Johnson bought into the Super Bowl is a war mentality. 

    The arrest that came six weeks prior to the Super Bowl put his appearance in doubt. But a late January decision by a Chicago judge allowed Johnson to leave the state to play in the big game. 

    It didn't matter though as Tony Dungy and the Colts brought home the title 29-17. 

8. Super Bowl XXLII: Spygate Gets Ratcheted Up a Notch

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    Bill Belichick is an immensely talented head coach. It seems that during the 2007 season he had some help as he employed staff to tape opponent's practices. The fallout was huge and the Patriots suffered a stiff fine and loss of one of the first round draft picks. 

    Al had been forgotten until a couple of days before the 2008 Super Bowl. That is when the Boston Herald broke a story that Belichick had ordered Matt Walsh to tape the Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI. The source was a tenuous one and was later dismissed as so. 

    But the team was rattled by this newly found evidence and a media buzz ensued. The Patriots went on to lose the Super Bowl tarnishing a near perfect season. 

7. Super Bowl XLII: Adrian Awasom Gets Extreme

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    The Giants were going to already be without the services of Adrian Awasom prior to the Super Bowl. He was on the injured reserve for a neck injury. That did not mean he was without the power to create some pre-game headlines. 

    During the week leading up to the Super Bowl Awasom was arrested for extreme DUI. This means he was two times the legal limit. The Giants sent him straight home and he never saw one of the best Super Bowl's in history. 

    The moral of the story is to lock yourself in the hotel room prior to the game. There is just too much temptation to not pull an Awasom feat. 

6. Super Bowl XXIII: Stanley Wilson Found Coked Up In Hotel Room

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    The Bengals had a tall mountain to climb when they went into battle against the 49ers without their starting fullback. 

    On the night before the game, Wilson skipped a team meeting. When team officials became worried, they went to his hotel room to see what was the matter. They found Wilson on the ground sweating and completely coked out of his mind. 

    The Bengals left him off the roster. The ensuing drug violation dealt Wilson his third transgression and a lifetime ban. This is a lesson kids. Stay away from the nose candy. 

5. Super Bowl XXXVIII: Barret Robbins Goes Missing

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    The week leading up to the Super Bowl in 2003 was relatively quiet. That is until the night before the big game. The Pro Bowl center went missing and only showed up minutes before game time. When he did surface he was an incoherent mess. 

    Head coach Bil Callahan was forced to sit the center for the crucial game. The game that was being played in San Diego presented too much of a temptation for a man that had been diagnosed with depression. 

    Robbins skipped on down to Tijuana. As well all know, Tijuana is not a place to catch some much needed rest. Robbins went on a binge drinking episode. He later stated that he thought the Raiders had already won and was celebrating. It was later found that Robbins had bi-polar disorder. 

    The Raiders would fall to Tampa Bay and the center lost all of his credibility as a star at that position. 

4. Super Bowl XXVII: Darryl Talley Gets Punched In Club

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    Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut. The Bills were playing the Cowboys at the Rose Bowl. That meant there were plenty of opportunities to rub elbows with Los Angeles celebrities. 

    Talley got his chance when he met Magic Johnson in a club during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Talley tried his best HIV material on Magic whose body guard was not impressed with. When the joke did not warrant even a chuckle, the body guard laid a fist to the linebackers face. 

    The Bills went on to get similarly slaughtered in the Super Bowl getting lambasted by the Cowboys. 

3. Super Bowl XXXI: Brett Favre Lives It Up On Bourbon Street

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    Brett Favre had just won another MVP award. He was playing in the Super Bowl and was on top of the sports world. All of those equate to trouble for a man that would later admit to having an addiction to alcohol and pain killers. 

    The media caught wind of Favre drinking and living it up in New Orleans in the crucial days leading up to the game. The Packers downplayed the events as best they could. It all culminated in Favre dry heaving on the sidelines before kickoff. 

    Green Bay would relay that their quarterback had the flu. I have had the same type of flu. It is usually caused by a sudden and irrational exposure to copious amounts of alcohol. Good thing for Favre that Green Bay ended the Super Bowl victorious. 

2. Super Bowl XIII: Hollywood Henderson and His Big Mouth

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    The Cowboys had just destroyed the Los Angeles Rams in the 1979 NFC Championship game. Before that contest, Cowboys linebacker Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson called out the Rams for having no class. He insinuated that Dallas would shut them out. 

    Dallas annihilated Los Angeles. Thinking his tactic had worked, Hollywood took to the airwaves again. This time he called out the Steelers stating there would be another shut out.

    He also went a long way to capture the ire of Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw. He famously quipped, "Bradshaw couldn't spell 'cat' if you spotted him the 'c' and the 't'." While that may not be far from the truth, Bradshaw went on to have a magnificent game capturing the title and the game's MVP. A big fat oops is warranted for Henderson. 

1. Super Bowl XX: Jim McMahon Doesn't Call New Orleans Women Sluts

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    The 1986 Super Bowl Chicago Bears were a ragged bunch. They took the opportunity the Super Bowl in New Orleans presented and killed it for a week. The players famously drank up the sights and lived up to the party boys image the cultivated. 

    Then came the Thursday before the game when a radio show stated that Jim McMahon had uttered the following. "All the women in New Orleans are sluts and all the men are stupid."

    McMahon sidestepped the allegations and bemused that he does not wake up early enough to have made the comments that morning. It is a classic case of a rumor getting legs and taking off in the media frenzy that is Super Bowl week. 

Honorable Mention: Super Bowl XXXVIII: Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction

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    Super Bowl XXXVIII had all the makings of a great half time show. There was Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake on stage. Two performers that can sell anything with their moves and voices. 

    It was a usual, by the book, performance until the scandal happened. Timberlake motioned to Jackson's chest and out came a full fledged booby. Janet Jackson's right breast now had millions of viewers. The now famous body part took on a firestorm of controversy. 

    Jackson has always maintained that it was a wardrobe malfunction. So, do you always gussy up your nipple like that Ms. Jackson?

    This gets an honorable mention for it took place during a game. But it is without a doubt the most controversial moment in Super Bowl history.