Jay Cutler-The Unkindest Cut Down of Them All

Dave HoganContributor IIJanuary 25, 2011

Am I showing enough Emotion?
Am I showing enough Emotion?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Es tu Twitter?

Excuse the Midwest colloquialism for the headline. It's what we used to call trash talk in the '60s. Before our thoughts were instantly transposed into hyper space by various portals like Twitter.  Come to think about it, a good cut down had to be recognized by both its victim and maybe even a third party.

Alas with today's Twitter, it is instant judge, jury and electronic execution.

So Jay Cutler is not a very good cheerleader.  The same could have been said about Ladainian Tomlinson in the pre-Twitter era, during the NE game.  He got some flack, mostly here in San Diego locally but nothing like Cutler. Darth Vadar sat on the bench, with a knee injury, because it was cold.

However nobody questioned Tomlinson's toughness.  No one ever speculated that he might be benched.

The Chicago Bears' staff are really to blame for the perception problem that blew up.   Cutler simply could not perform.  

Enumerable Tweets referenced Dick Butkus and how he would be appalled.  Well Bears fans, Butkus sued the team, because for whatever reason, he thought they screwed up his knee.  What if Cutler took another hit on the MCL and had to have his knee reconstructed, and it hampered the rest of his career?

Physical toughness cannot be measured within the context of an injury. Only the individual knows. Cutler's old nemesis from the AFC West-Phillip Rivers said as much yesterday. Rivers stated he would have to be "carted" off the field.  He qualified the statement by saying that might not be the best thing for the team though.  

So is it selfish to listen to the team Doctors and your own body? Brett Favre certainly hurt his team by playing hurt on many occasions.   Brett Favre is adored by the pundits because of his boyish body language on the field.  It is really stupid that Cutler is being piled upon because of body language as well.

This is not the WWF. During the seven step drop and during the execution of any given play-there is no time for pomp and circumstance.  The Bears are not paying Cutler millions for his personality.  They are paying for his physical talents.

The NFL is also in the entertainment business. With camera angles panning on Cutler every instant, they should have given him a bag of ice, set of crutches and stuck him behind the review tent. Thankfully Bill Belichik is eliminated or he would have been panning in too.

The real problem that has been overlooked is the depth chart.  Collins should have never even been on the post season roster(more about that below), Why on earth was Todd Collins positioned as No. 2 ?  It really calls into question coaching decisions.  

Collins completed over a third of his passes in the regular season to the opponents. Also, The Greatest Show in Reverse was the play call that killed the Bears at the end.  

Nobody but Devin Hester should be running a reverse!  Couple this bone-headed call with Martz having Collins on the roster as veteran backup to run his complicated offense.  Martz was apologetic though, saying "Sorry" to a reporter.  He really owes the apology to both Cutler and Caleb Hanie(for not having him prepared).  Imagine if Hanie had the reps in practice and was not portraying Aaron Rogers. 

Notwithstanding Jay Cutler's diabetes (name one player who has played at Cutler's level with Type 1 diabetes), Cutler actually had a terrible first-half performance. So it's fair to question Cutler's abilities but not his toughness.  After all, he took over 50 sacks during the season and numerous hits. 

Personally I think the unfettered access we have to these players gets a bit dull. Thankfully there are players like Cutler, who are disinterested in public discourse. At least Cutler is not a distraction off the field.  How many inane Tweets, "you knows" and cliches are we supposed to take from the players in this very public league.

As Bears fans, we need to be worried about getting Cutler some targets, not targeting Cutler.  Bears fans should be holding Martz accountable and make sure the McCaskeys are spendthrifts on wide-outs this off season.

Besides, the Bears have never, ever been about the Quarterback.  If they had a miraculous comeback Sunday, the Defense would have been the storyline.  Just like when Jim McMahon had very pedestrian numbers in the Bears sole Super Bowl winning campaign.

Granted McMahon had swagger, but so did the whole team.  After 1985 McMahon never did anything of note.  

Let Cutler's arm (and healthy knees), do the talking.  Winning is the only cure needed. No extreme personality makeover is needed.  If the Bears ever get back to the Super Bowl you can count on Cutler to perform in a revamped Super Bowl shuffle.  Even Samurai Mike did, Singletary also did his talking on the field.