NFL Draft 2011: Why Cam Newton Is the Main Attraction

Alex MonacoContributor IIJanuary 24, 2011

Doin' the Dew
Doin' the DewKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Every year there's that one athlete entering the NFL draft whom everyone's eyes are on. This year, it's Auburn's quarterback, Cameron Newton. 

Newton enters the draft after a short, one-season stint with the Auburn Tigers.  In just 13 games, Cam was awarded a Heisman trophy for his individual efforts, and a crystal ball for leading his team to a National Championship over the Oregon Ducks.  Impressive much?

At six feet six inches tall and 250 pounds, the Georgia native out of College Park is the talk of the town. 

As far as stats go, Cam put up 30 total touchdowns and 2,854 yards in arguably the most competitive conference in all of college football in the NCAA. 

Even after achieving all you can possibly achieve in college football, some still question aspects of his game, namely his ability to be a leader.  

So why the criticism?  Why the scrutiny?

Is it because Newton likes to run?  Michael Vick likes to run; do analysts question the Nike's on his feet?  I think not.

Is it because he threw seven interceptions this past season?  Peyton Manning threw six interceptions in one game against the San Diego Chargers (I was there).  Do people question some of the throws he makes?  I rest my case.

If it were up to me, Newton would go second overall to the Denver Broncos.  


Because I not only want to see Cam rekindle his relationship with former teammate Tim Tebow, but I want the revolutionary offense that I created, featuring two quarterbacks in the same shotgun, to come true (see my article, "Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, and the Denver Broncos have something for you," for more details on my science).  

But that's wishful thinking.

In reality, a guy by the name of Dan Snyder will probably roll the dice with Mr. Cameron Newton.  I think it's an interesting fit in Washington, but where ever he goes, I want to see him play.

Battle with me on this issue all you want, I still believe he's one of the most impressive athletes that I've ever seen in my illustrious life that started in 1990 (back when the only thing that got mounted on the wall was a picture of me in second grade with a bowl cut.  Thanks Mom).    

P.S. Newton may be the only athlete other than "Primetime" Deion Sanders that could pull off playing more than one sport professionally.

Yeah that's right, I said it.