Green Bay Packers Are Going to Dallas: Fan's Head Nearly Explodes

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2011

The General
The GeneralAndy Lyons/Getty Images

I sat in front of the computer last night, thinking to myself, "Self, you simply need to write something. Football season is almost over and your love for the Packers should be shared with others." 

And I simply could not put a coherent thought onto the screen. The pure joy of the Packers going to the Super Bowl was all consuming. Just thinking about how the Packers are going to face another team, with a long history, and after the team has gone through so many injuries and played so well, was just too much. 

I, grudgingly, turned away from my computer to focus on other important things (husband, hound and hearth). But before I did that, I decided to check my favorite social networking site just to see how things are going for everyone else that is in my life without stalking laws being applied.

And then my head exploded.

While checking my social networking site, I was astounded at the comments that people were posting about my beloved Packers:

"It doesn't matter that they won the NFC Championship game. They are going to lose."

"They don't deserve to be in the Super Bowl."

"The Bears were a better team" or "Jay Cutler is a better quarterback" or "Brian Urlacher is a better player than Clay Matthews..."

The list goes on and on. Not only did I go to work yesterday, and even out in the community, and hear the comments about how the Packers are going to lose the Super Bowl, but even on my social networking site? 

And I live in Wisconsin, land of the cheese, home of the brave (men who do not wear shirts to December and January home games! Tell me that isn't brave when you could potentially freeze your nipples off and have your chest hair snap off if you move!)

How could people say these things, a day after the NFC Championship game? A game in which the Packers defense played remarkably well and the team WON?

I blame it on peer pressure. 

All it takes is one person, one doubter, who starts a conversation: 

"Ya hey, did you hear that the Packers beat da Bears?"

"Ya, but are they going to beat da Steelers? Troy Polamalu is vicious. That Big Ben could be a defensive lineman..."

The seed of doubt has just been planted in your mind, my friend.  Don't believe the hype! Don't believe the naysayers! The people who are saying these things may be fans of the Packers, but they are not thinking clearly. Either too much alcohol has been consumed and has pickled the area of their brain that follows the Pack, or their furnace hasn't been checked in awhile and they are inhaling fumes. 

Or, it could be that they are closeted Vikings fans who are just upset that their team aren't going to Dallas. Whatever the reason, fans need to consider the following:

1)  It has been a season that started with all the talking heads saying that the Packers were the favorites in the NFC North. Then the injuries started (including the concussion to General Rodgers). Despite the injuries, the players stepped up and showed a level of commitment and heart that few teams possess.

Jay Cutler hurt his knee and had to leave the game? Aaron Rodgers fought to play with a concussion. Who has more heart and determination? 

2)  As the season went on, we found both John Kuhn and a running game (aka James Starks). The Packers are diverse, talented and, again, driven. Don't forget that or you may be surprised.

3)  We have a perfectionist for a quarterback, along with a powerful receiving corps, and a spectacular defense.  We have Dom Capers. Any more questions?

4)  Did I mention that we have Dom Capers and Kevin Greene? If there is a more Machiavellian, intense coaching staff in the NFL (with the obvious exception of Bill Belichick of the Patriots), I would like to be told. 

I have never seen Dom Capers smile when a play runs well. He sits at the controls, in his booth, highlighters spread out like an arsenal of weapons, and determines who is going to pay the most for doubting his defense. 

Anyone looking for a truly humorous video on the Internet should Google "Clay Matthews" and see the hilarious Youtube videos which show him with "The Clash of the Titans." Manpig and I laughed for days. But, it shows Matthews at his best (sorry, Kevin Kolb).

5)  Did I mention that there is true heart in the Packers locker room? Don't doubt, people.

I am trying to keep a good sense of humor on all the negative comments.  And I am fervently praying that the Packers players are listening to the comments to motivate them to give the Steelers a game that they will never forget. 

The Packers have made the Super Bowl again, and this, alone, is a major accomplishment. Please believe in the Packers and don't forget that the talking heads said, just a few months ago, that they wouldn't even make the playoffs. And where are they now?

Heading to Dallas! Go Pack, go!