10 Things That Might Happen Before Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Ever Does

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IJanuary 26, 2011

10 Things That Might Happen Before Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Ever Does

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    With the frustrating loss of my Chicago Bears last Sunday to their infamous long standing rivals the Green Bay Packers it really got me down and made me think when will Da Bears ever win another super bowl?

     The year 1985 seems like it was a few lifetimes ago when Marty McFly was making his DeLorean hit 88 miles per hour to trigger the flux capacitor to go back in time.

    Despite some really great seasons and some close calls such as being the number one team in the NFC  a few years and even going all the way to the super bowl in 2006 only to lose it actually reminds me a lot about the biggest fight of our lifetime that has not ever came to reality yet: Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao.


    Mayweather/Pacquiao is just as frustrating if not more than a Chicago Bears fan waiting for his team to win another super bowl ring. With more and more road blocks popping up from Floyd's legal troubles to Pacquiao now looking to become a Showtime fighter as I explained in this previous article: Manny Pacquiao Making A Big Move To Showtime, the once so closely signed dream fight seems to be so far away from ever happening.

    Rather than continue to being pissed off all week I decided to put all my emotions into writing and make the: 10 Things That Might Happen Before Floyd Mayweather VS Manny Pacquiao Ever Does video slide show to get all things that we have been patiently waiting for that seem to never come to reality off my chest.

    So lets take a look into this interesting slide show and see if these long awaited events may actually come to us before Mayweather/Pacquiao ever does shall we?


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DA Bears Winning Another Super Bowl

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    As mentioned in the intro to this slide video show DA Bears winning another Super Bowl is something that many have been patiently waiting for almost 30 years now.

    Whenever people talk about cheesy Super Bowl videos there is only one legendary cheesy Super Bowl video that stands alone as the greatest cheesy Super Bowl video of all time and that is the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle.

    Again Da Bears have come real close to winning another Super Bowl ring especially in these most recent years and if they finally figure out how to make their offense as strong as their famous defense then we will indeed have the Chicago Bears winning another super bowl before Mayweather/Pacquiao ever fight.


    Odds Bears will win another super bowl before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: -185

Chicago Cubs Winning Another World Series

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    Look being from the NORTHSIDE of Chicago this one really hurts. I won't give you a long story, I'll just give you the short version with the quick details.

    It has been over 100 years since the Cubs have won a world series.

    In fact the Cubs hold the record for the longest championship drought of any major North American professional team, we talking all over NBA, NFL, MLB, Soccer etc.

    So pretty much if the Cubs were to win then it would indeed spark some end of the world, when hell freezes over, when pigs fly wide spread panic across the globe.

    But if you are one of the many who consider the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight to never ever happen then this might actually happen before those guys fight.

    Odds that Cubs win a world series before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: +500

Chicago Bulls Win Another NBA Finals Championship

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    Growing up in Chicago in the 90's I was blessed to see the greatest NBA player of all time Michael Jordan grace the courts and single handily dominate the game and lead the Bulls to 6 NBA championship titles.

    Real quick, MJ is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME period. So please do not open your mouth with Kobe, Lebron, etc. do not make a fool of yourself.

    Unfortunately as soon as  MJ left the Bulls so did their chance of ever winning another NBA Championship title.

    Since then the Bulls had some decent seasons and they are doing alright this season as well.

    A lot of hype and hope is riding on Derick Rose who is jersey #1.

    When #23 is not available , #1 is definitely the second best number to have right?

    Rose is a Southsider from Chicago so it would be even more meaningful if he was the "NEO" to help resurrect the once unstoppaBULL Chicago Bulls.


    Odds the Bulls will win another NBA title before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: -1.25

GSP VS Silva

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    If the UFC can produce a fight as big and meaningful as Mayweather/Pacquiao I would argue it is with out a doubt GSP vs Silva.

    You would have the two best pound for pound UFC fighters who are both in their primes and who are starting to have nobody else left to fight but each other.

    Word has come out from Dana White that if both GSP and Silva defeat their opponents in UFC 126 and UFC 129 then the super fight of GSP/Silva could happen in late 2011.

    So if this is indeed true and both of these guys get passed their next opponents then it looks like GSP/Silva will happen before Mayweather/Pacquiao does.


    Odds that GSP/Silva happens before Mayweather/Pacquiao does: -250

David Haye Fights A Klitschko

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    One of the biggest fights if not the second biggest fight outside of Mayweather/Pacquiao is David Haye vs A Klitschko brother.

    There are even several similarities in the hype/buzz/promises/broken promises/letdowns of Haye/(either Klitschko brother).

    With word that Adamek has already signed to fight one of the Klitschko brothers in 2011 this should either seriously inspire the Haye/Klitschko fight once and for all or it will be the final nail in the coffin.

    Depending on the result, which is safe to say a win for either Klitschko brother over Adamek, it would probably depend on how bad Adamek is beaten on whether the Haye/Klitschko fight will ever be made.

    Apparently Haye was not budging on the venue location being in Germany where the Klitschkos have the rockstar hometown advantage but reports are saying that Adamek has got the Klitschkos to agree to fight him in his homeland of Poland.

    So if Haye sees this and is able to get the Klitschkos to fight him in the UK I do not see  another legitimate reason why this fight should not be made.

    Odds Haye will fight one of the Klitschko bros before Mayweather/Pacquiao: -155

Juan Manuel Lopez VS Yuriorkis Gamboa

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    Outside of Mayweather/Pacquiao  it would be a toss up of Haye vs a Klitschko and Juan Manuel Lopez vs Yuriorkis Gamboa on what would be the biggest most meaningful fight out there.

    If a fight had fight of the year written all over it before it was even signed then it is this one.

    The winner of Lopez/Gamboa would probably be one of the biggest stars if not the biggest star of boxing should they win in a very BIG manner.

    With Bob Arum saying that this fight will indeed happen in late 2011 or even in the summer we can only hope that he is not putting us on.


    Odds Lopez/Gamboa happens before  Mayweather/Pacquiao: -200

The Temecula Skeletor Film Will Finally Be Completed

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    With the extended movie trailer a big hit on YouTube with over 45,000 views many have been dying to see the actual completed film, Temecula Skeletor, for almost 2 years now.

    Executive producer KING J has made several hints that the film is near completion and there may be certain re-shoots of certain scenes but for the most part the film is pretty much done and in post production.


    Despite the extended trailer stating that the film is "coming soon in 2009" and constant new rumors popping up many fans of Temecula Skeletor are still eagerly waiting to see the final completed film.

    Odds Temecula Skeletor the movie is done before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: -175.

Dr. Dre's Detox Album

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    Legendary hip hop producer Dr. Dre has been hyping up his next album for over 10 years now.

    His last CD came out in 2001 and ever since then all we have been hearing is all the hype/buzz of this next album called Detox that is supposed once again revolutionize the game.

    As many fans there are who are still dying to get their hands on the Detox album there are equal if not more fans who just simply gave up and believe it will never come out.

    With recent random appearances of Dr. Dre in commercials and sporting events it may imply the Detox album may seriously be coming sometime soon?


    Odds the Detox album will finally come out before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: -187.

Tupac Will Return

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    If you are a fellow Tupac Shakur fan then you have been through the ups and downs of several conspiracy theories that he is indeed not dead but in hiding and had intentionally faked his death for several reasons.

    But for those of us who believe the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight will never happen would probably say there is a better chance that Tupac will be sitting ringside with all the other celebrities when the fight happens.


    Odds Tupac will return before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight: +777 (for the 7 year theory)

KING J Will Get Married

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    If you are like KING J meaning you are ridiculously good looking, successful, smooth, suave, and have endless amounts of swag then you probably too have the ability to hook up with dime piece lucky ladies at ever major metropolitan sector that you visit.

    So what is the last thing you should do with these special powers? The last thing you should do is sign a legal contract that legally stops you from ever hooking up with another fine lady again and if you do then you have to give up half of your wealth/fortune/life away among other lifelong nightmares and torment.

    KING J allegedly has several lucky ladies who pay for the property tax, utilities, groceries for his multiple condos and houses. He feels other wise men should also roll like this as well instead of showing off and spending their own money to impress the ladies, they should learn to get with smart successful pretty women who can contribute to your lifestyle.

    Everyone who is married seems to be miserable and whats worse is if you decide to end it or the other party ends it for you then you have to give away half of your wealth and you might even have some bratty kids that you have to support with this person that you can not stand. Not to mention that you have ruined the lives of these bratty kids and they will of course blame you for how their lives turn out.

    Marriage is good for ugly people with no game who are scared they will be alone for the rest of their life I guess? Those same people also have the option of getting a pet cat as well.

    But just as a boxer has his prime years so does KING J who is turning 32 this year.

    KING J should be aware that his prime years may come to an end in the next several years and there for he should finally settle down with a great, sweet, caring, beautiful, heiress or something.

    But until then he milks his baby face and ripped body during spring break at the various college hot spots such as Hawaii as seen in this video.

    Odds KING J will get married before Mayweather/Pacquiao fight well if you think the fight will never happen then it would be: Even.