NFL Draft 2011: The Top Places I Don't Want Cam Newton To Go

Nathan KellyContributor IJanuary 24, 2011

NFL Draft 2011: The Top Places I Don't Want Cam Newton To Go

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    Cam NewtonKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    As a student at Auburn University and obviously a die hard Auburn football fan, it's pretty bittersweet to see Cam Newton go to the NFL after one season.

    More bitter than sweet.

    With that being said, I've accepted the fact that he'll never play at Jordan-Hare Stadium again and I'm ready to watch how he performs in the NFL.

    And there are definitely some franchises that I would rather him be drafted by than others.

    These are the latter. 

4. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Carson PalmerLarry French/Getty Images

    No matter what kind of talent you surround the Bengals with, they never fail to disappoint you with a sub-par season. 

    Carson Palmer is getting to retirement/trade stage and the Bengals could be searching for an up-and-coming quarterback in this year's draft.

    I just hope it's not Cam.

    The Bengals are a team with poor leadership and bad choices. Terrel Owens? Seriously?

    Rebuilding the Bengals could take as long as Cam's entire career and would never give him a chance to succeed. I don't want him to turn into another Donovan McNabb.

3. Cleveland Browns

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    Cleveland BrownsJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    The Cleveland Browns have been bad for all 21 years of my life on Earth.

    I always determine how bad a franchise is by comparing them to the Browns.

    I'm not sure what it is about this city. No matter what changes you make to their organization, there seems to be no improvement. They've tried multiple quarterbacks over the last decade that simply just didn't pan out. 

    Cam would make an impact immediately since they would likely name him their starter. And I would love to see him excel with a franchise that hasn't seen much success the past few years.

    But I have doubts with what talent the Browns would surround Cam with.

2. Buffalo Bills

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    Buffalo BillsRick Stewart/Getty Images

    Buffalo has gone from a prominent franchise to a death wish over the last decade.

    Their defense is dismal and it's not getting any better. Still, there's hope with a stud at receiver like Steve Johnson.

    Their run game has been strong too, but Cam doesn't need a good running offense. Cam needs an offense built for spreading the ball out and going deep a lot, like Philly.

    Not to mention, Buffalo is very far away and the Bills don't get that much TV time. 

1. Oakland Raiders

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    Al DavisJustin Sullivan/Getty Images

    The Oakland Raiders are a black hole franchise.

    Players see the end of their careers in Oakland. Granted, they had a better season this year than they usually do, but they do it pretty sloppily.

    I wouldn't really be worried about Cam getting drafted by the Raiders if it weren't for Al Davis. Al Davis is notorious for ridiculous first-round draft picks.

    He likes the speedy, flashy, trendy and starstruck picks. He likes the super athletes that may be great players, but not the right pick for his team. That is Cam Newton in a nutshell. 

    Plus, Auburn players have bad luck in Oakland.

    Jason Campbell was traded there this season and he was benched for many games. And Bo Jackson played at Oakland until his hip was injured there that ended his career.

Cam Will Probably End Up In Washington

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    Mike ShanahanWin McNamee/Getty Images

    The Redskins have the 10th pick in the draft. Right now, it seems like the best pick for them.

    Most of the big name studs (Nick Fairley, Patrick Peterson, Da'Quan Bowers, A.J. Greene etc.) will be taken by the 10th pick and the Redskins need a quarterback.

    Cam would fit there pretty well given the quarterback situation they currently have. A multiple Pro Bowl quarterback in Donovan McNabb at the end of his career and an offense with powerful weapons at receiver.

    Cam could learn a lot from McNabb while being coached by a legend Mike Shanahan who coached John Elway. All the while, having Cam learn the ropes and train his arm to be NFL caliber gives the Redskins time to build their team around him.

    If the Redskins don't draft Cam then they would probably choose Ryan Mallet, who is a risky pick just like Cam.

    Cam would then fall to possibly the Vikings at 12. If not the Vikings, we could be waiting awhile for Cam to get drafted.