Jay Cutler: Five Reasons He Is Still the Future of Chicago

Dmitri DugganContributor IIJanuary 24, 2011

Jay Cutler: Five Reasons He Is Still the Future of Chicago

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    For those of you who didn't watch last night's NFC Championship game, the Chicago Bears fell to their 90-year rivals, the Green Bay Packers, 21-14.

    It was a great game, but as with most conference championship it wasn't without controversy. Not the usual controversy, such as touchdowns that were called back or penalty flags that were never thrown.

    No, the controversy came with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who was mysteriously benched in the second half of the game after falling to a 0-14 deficit.

    For those of you who have been drinking the Kool-Aid that Jay Cutler decided to "quit" or simply "stop playing" let me point this out-

    Jay Cutler was taking a brutal beating the whole game, and is believed to have a torn MCL.

    Now, I will ask you to do one more thing.

    On the top of the page, scroll over the "NFL" tab then under "NFC North" click "Chicago."

    What do you see?

    The answer is probably "At least five articles explaining why Cutler's legacy is ruined and why his career with Chicago is over and Caleb Hanie [The third string quarterback who nearly led a fourth-quarter comeback against the Packers] will become the starter".

    The goal if this article is to completely silence all of those naysayers, and to reassure you all that Jay's here to stay.

    Here are five reasons why Cutler's legacy is not ruined, and career with Chicago is not over.

5.) He Didn't Quit After Taking Beatings All Season

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    Do you guys really believe that Jay just decided to leave the game because his knee was a little sore?

    That's just retarded.

    Like, literally, it's developmentally disabled.

    Just look at him in the New York Giants games, in week 4.

    It took NINE SACKS to finally get him out of the game. Such a hard beating that he couldn't even play next week.

    Two weeks later, against the Seahawks, he survived getting sacked SIX times, without even whining.

    Throughout the whole season? 52 SACKS.

    And you're saying that he left one of the biggest matchups in NFL history just because he got hit around a little?

    Are you saying that's his legacy?

    Then you obviously haven't watched the Bears.

4.) What He's Done For Chicago

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    6,940 Passing Yards, 50 touchdowns.

    That's what Cutler has done for the Bears over a two year span.

    For Chicago, that's the most passing yards and touchdowns by a single quarterback in a two-year span in franchise history.

    More than Rex Grossman could muster in SEVEN YEARS with Chicago.

    Although with these stats come 42 interceptions, come on! You have to give Jay some props for what he has done.

    Do you really want to bench or trade a guy putting up these numbers for somebody like Caleb Hanie?

3.) All That Chicago Gave For Him

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    In one of the biggest trades in NFL history, the Chicago Bears traded a first and third round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, a first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, and Kyle Orton to the Denver Broncos in exchange for Jay Cutler and a fifth round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

    Alongside that, they offered Jay a big, juicy $30 million contract.

    If you were willing to give that much for a quarterback, would you want to trade/release/bench him after two seasons of quality play?

    It's not like a JeMarcus Russell situation, Cutler's actually putting up good numbers!

    The answer is no. Since Chicago gave up that much for him, it's quite obvious to anyone who knows a bit about football that Cutler is the Bears' quarterback of the future.

2.) Not Playing in The Second Half Wasn't Cutler's Choice

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    "Hey Lovie,"

    "What's up, Jay?"

    "Uh, yeah, I know that I'm kind of in one of the biggest games in NFL history, and that a Superbowl trip is on the line, and that Chicago probably can't win without me, but my knee's kind of sore... yeah... so I'm just gonna sit on the bench a little, maybe read a magazine."

    "But that would mean that we have to put Todd Collins in..."

    "Yeah, you're screwed."

    Do you honestly think that's what happened- that this is the conversation that went on before Cutler sat out the second half?

    Do you honestly think that Jay said "okay man, I give up,"

    That NEVER happens.

    After being injured, and attempting to get loose on the treadmill, both Lovie Smith and the medical staff stated, against Cutler's will, that he would have to be benched.

    That's why Cutler was moping all game- his beloved team was doomed to lose, and there was not a thing he could do about it.

    All players, coaches, and doctors confirmed this statement.

    So... let me get this straight. After all that, you still think Cutler quit? Do you honestly think you know more than people who were actually there?



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    Yes, it is confirmed.

    During that game, suspicions were confirmed, and it was revealed today that after an MRI, Cutler suffered and MCL game during the NFC Championship.

    One so severe that it will keep him from any intensive physical activity for six weeks.

    That's pretty self explanatory.

    All that can be said is- I'd like to see YOU play ANY sport with a torn MCL.

In Conclusion

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    Editors, I implore you, I BEG you, to make this a lead story. This is the first, last, and only time I will ever actually ask you to make my articles a lead story.

    Because I need to spread the news...

    That THIS man... is INNOCENT!

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