Super Bowl 2011: 10 Reasons Why Green Bay Packers Will Beat Pittsburgh Steelers

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2011

Super Bowl 2011: 10 Reasons Why Green Bay Packers Will Beat Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Green Bay Packers are returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1998. If you remember correctly, they were led by No. 4. It'll be a little different this time around. 

    The Packers are set to face off against the leagues best defense. Aaron Rodgers will have his hands full come Super Bowl Sunday. 

    But he won't be alone in the effort. Green Bay is loaded with talent that will carry them to victory. 

    With the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, it couldn't be a better matchup. These are two teams with a great history of Super Bowl appearances. 

    The Packers haven't won it all since 1996. They're led by a different gunslinger this year. Here are 10 reasons the Packers will win it all. 

10. Constantly Fighting

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    Green Bay entered the NFL Playoffs as the No. 6 seed. They had to win to get in. The last few weeks of the season they fought hard to make it to that sixth seed. 

    They're fight continued as they knew they would be the road team for the remainder of their playoff games. First task was to defeat Michael Vick and the Eagles. They fought 'til the end and pulled out a win. 

    Next task: somehow defeat the No. 1 seed in the Georgia Dome where that team happened to be 7-1 on the season. Not only did they win, they made it look easy. 

    And this past Sunday we saw the Packers fight 'til the final minutes as they secured their spot in Super Bowl XLV.

    That will continue on February 6th, 2011.  

9. Cullen Jenkins

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    Jenkins makes the big play when you need it. And I believe he'll make another one on Super Bowl Sunday. 

    The 305-pound end recorded seven sacks on the season. He sat out towards the end of the season but is back, healthy, and ready to terrorize quarterbacks. 

    Jenkins will be a factor in next week's game. And once again he'll probably be trending on twitter

8. Tramon Williams

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    The young cornerback has learned a lot this season playing alongside Charles Woodson. Williams has been quite the playmaker on defense. 

    He led the team in interceptions with six on the season. And in the playoffs Williams intercepted the ball three times, returning one for a touchdown. 

    Williams can also return punts and put the Packers in solid field position. He will help the fifth ranked defense against Ben Roethlisberger's passing attack. 

    Look for Williams to keep an eye out for the ball and make some crucial plays in Super Bowl XLV.

7. Running Back Committee

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    When Ryan Grant injured his ankle in Week 1, the Packers knew it would be a long season of relying on Aaron Rodgers. And while they have relied on him for a good bit of their offense, the committee of backs have done their share. 

    Throughout the season it was Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn getting most of the work. They did their part gaining crucial yards and being the check down guy on pass plays. Both were utilized in the passing game a good bit. 

    As of late, the Packers have given the ball to James Starks. The rookie from Buffalo drafted in the sixth round has been a true work horse this postseason. He leads all running backs with 263 yards; that's double what he rushed for all season. 

    Starks scored his first touchdown against the Bears on Sunday. All together, the three backs have scored a total of 11 touchdowns. They may not be touchdown machines, but when you rotate three players at running back you want intensity and power, and these guys give you that every play. 

    The committee may not score a touchdown in the Super Bowl, but when it counts they'll convert that crucial third down to keep the drive alive. 

6. B.J Raji

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    The 337-pounder scored his first touchdown against the Bears in the NFC Conference Championship game. He then put on probably the biggest belt ever. 

    Raji has been a monster all season long. The defensive tackle has anchored the Packers 3-4 D in style. He recorded six-and-a-half sacks for a total loss of 50 yards. 

    Raji was drafted to clog the middle and he has done a great job. He will continue to do so for a long time with the Packers. 

5. Dom Capers

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    Capers has done a fine job at coordinating the defense this season. The Packers ranked fifth in total defense on the year. 

    His defense was also second in points scored against. They gave up 240 points this season. However, No. 1 on the year was the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

    Capers knows his counterpart has an excellent defense. He isn't worried about them. Capers' main concern should be on bringing down Big Ben. 

    These next two weeks expect Capers to preach to the defense to wrap up on Roethlisberger and not give up the long ball. 

    With all this time to prepare, Capers will do what it takes to make the right decisions to shut down the Steelers offense. 

4. Clay Matthews

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    His golden locks strike fear in opposing quarterbacks. Matthews has anchored this defense and is a true playmaker. 

    He led the team in sacks with 13.5 for a loss of 94 yards. Matthews is the reason that offensive coordinators lose sleep at night. He's the guy they scheme and plan to stop but just can't do it. 

    There were only a couple games this season where Matthews was kept quiet. The Steelers offensive line will have their hands full trying to block Matthews. 

    He will be in the backfield gunning for Big Ben and shouldn't have to much trouble bringing him down. 

3. The Receivers

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    Aaron Rodgers has many weapons he can distribute the ball to. 

    Greg Jennings is his favorite target. He is the leading receiver in the playoffs and was Top 5 in the league in receiving yards on the season with 1,265.

    Jennings isn't afraid to run routes over the middle and he excels in the YAC. His yards after catch this season totaled 415 yards. 

    It's been a down year for veteran wide out Donald Driver. He is 400 yards away from 10,000 yards in his career. However, his experience and wisdom has helped pave the way for young guys like James Jones and Jordy Nelson. 

    Nine different players average 10 yards or more on their receptions. Rodgers just has to find the open man. 

2. Charles Woodson

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    Woodson has been selected to the Pro Bowl seven times. He will gladly give up his roster spot this year because he has finally made it to the big dance. 

    Woodson has won all kinds of awards but has never won a Super Bowl ring. He finally gets his chance in two weeks. And you better believe he will leave all he has out on that field. 

    Woodson came close once before but fell victim to the tuck rule. Don't think for a second Woodson won't be prepared and ready to wreak havoc on the Steelers. 

    If there's one guy who wants to win more than anyone on the field, it's probably Woodson. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up MVP of the game.

    Charles Woodson is truly happy to be here. He does it all for the Packers defense: coverage, run stopper, and blitzer. Expect nothing less on Super Bowl Sunday. 

1. Aaron Rodgers

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    It's clear that he is No. 1. Rodgers carried this team all season and is a huge factor in why they're playing in Super Bowl XLV. 

    He has been dominant all season long and nothing changed during the playoffs. 

    When Rodgers has the play, anything can happen. He can beat you with his arm or his legs. His mobility allows him to extend plays. Rodgers slips away from defenders with ease sometimes and will throw it to anyone open. 

    He's all about moving the ball down the field. It's a task he does very well. 

    Rodgers will be facing his toughest challenge yet. The Pittsburgh defense is no pushover. Its hard to say if Rodgers will start slow and find his groove, or if he'll start strong and then fade away once the defense adjusts. The Bears adjusted well to his play on Sunday but they know him better than any other quarterback. 

    Either way, Rodgers will have his A-game ready on Super Bowl Sunday. One more win from the quarterback that has led this sixth seed all the way, and we'll be talking about him as the next great legend. 

    If he wins in two weeks, he not only wins for himself and his team but for the state of Wisconsin. For every Packer fan around the nation that was stung by the Brett Favre saga. 

    One more win and they forget the whole thing. One more win and Rodgers fills the void left in all Packers fans hearts.