MLB Rumors: Why Pettitte More Likely Returns Mid-Season Rather Than Retire

Kate Conroy@@ladylovespinsSenior Analyst IIJanuary 25, 2011

MLB Rumors: Why Pettitte More Likely Returns Mid-Season Rather Than Retire

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    New York Yankee Southpaw Andy Pettitte is turning into MLB's humbler version of Brett Favre.

    Pettitte differs from Favre because he not had a press conference for every thought that goes on in his head, Pettitte has not had one at all.

    Clearly, the ace is struggling to give up his job instead of making his retirement official.

    That is why Pettitte's days in pinstripes are not over and here are 10 good reasons why he will be back in 2011. The question is just when.....

Andy's Family

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    It has been said that the Pettitte family is officially on board with the Southpaw pitching in 2011, so he the guilt of that weighing on him is not an issue.

    This makes allows for Pettitte to make a clear decision. Maybe his son will make an official statement like last season, as this family takes the decision seriously and if they give Dad the nod then they mean it.

School’s Out For Summer

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    No, Pettitte is not going to school but his three kids do.

    School’s out for summer by end of May – beginning of June, so his kids can come to any game because they won’t have to be absent and selfish Dad can fly them to anywhere he is pitching.

Spring Training

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    Spring Training starts mid-February and goes right up till opening day. It tacks on an extra two-months.

    Veterans, like Pettitte are not featured in because it is mainly a tryout to fill team’s holes and the 25 roaster spots. A team’s regulars use it to warm-up for the season.

    Pettitte probably dreads this time away, as he knows what has to be done. Pettitte will be required to jump in a few minor league starts before heading to the Bronx anyway.

The DL

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    In 2010, Pettitte spent the majority of the second half of the season on the DL with a groin injury. Pettitte was very vocal that he did not expect his left leg to keep him out for long, but the groin took a lot longer to heal than he initially thought, as he was out for over two months.

    Returning mid-season allows Pettitte to pitch in the more exciting half of the season that he watched from the DL In 2010. 


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    Another point in favor of Pettitte returning is that his injury in 2010 was a groin injury. It had nothing to do with his previous elbow injury or left shoulder injury.

    Even though the groin prevented him from pitching for two months, it has nothing to do with his arm again, so consider it more of a fluke that should not recur again. 

    Coming in later cuts odds of getting this kind if an injury in half....

The Core Three??

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    Pettitte is part of the famous Yankees Core Four, along with Derek Jeter, Mariano River and Jorge Posada, all of who are playing in 2011.

    Pettitte will turn 39 on June 15th, but considering Posada will turn 40 on August 17th, and Rivera just celebrated his 41st birthday, Pettitte is the second youngest of the four. So, if they can continue to play and love the game, Pettitte realizes why should he break-up such a historical group.

    "The Core Three" just sounds all wrong and the Phillies are rumored to like the nickname, but can’t take it if the Yankees are still using

The World Series

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    The Yankees still have a team that is good enough to contend and win another World Series ring. Pettitte is competitive and rather than kick himself retiring too early, he can have the best of both worlds.

    Join the Yankees mid-way through, and Pettitte gets to pitch in the more exciting half of the season and that included the playoffs. He does hold the record for the most wins by a pitcher ever in the post-season, so why not add to those 19 wins.

It's All He Knows.

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    Baseball has been apart of Pettitte’s entire life, as with many professional athletes it defines a lot of who they are as a person.

    Baseball in a sense defines Pettitte and it is not so easy to say goodbye too. Returning for half the time fills Pettitte’s needs to be with his family and keeps baseball in his life too.

    Leaving anything of so much importance can be a gradual process, as long as it is handled in a respectable manner. Pettitte is just not sure, but he is keeping things to himself, unlike other athletes we have known. (Favre)

The Team Needs Him.

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    It is no secret that the Yankees need Pettitte more than ever and I am sure some teammates have reached out to express this to the southpaw. I know Rivera was planning to give him a call.

    Remember, the Yankees stood by Pettitte through some tough times, like his PED use and he probably feels that helping out the team is the right thing to do. In all aspects, it would be a nice way to say thanks.

Not Ready Just Yet.

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    Plain and simple fact is Pettitte loves playing still, and all the right cards are falling into place that can allow Pettitte to go out in style.

    Pettitte finished 2010 with an 11-3, with a 3.28 ERA, with 101 strikeouts, allowing 13 home-runs in 129 innings. Translation...the man can still pitch!

    Why stop when you can still do your job, and do it so well?