Rex Ryan and the New York Jets are About To Take Flight in Pittsburgh

Ian SherwinContributor IJanuary 23, 2011

Braylon Edwards is an amazing athlete.
Braylon Edwards is an amazing athlete.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today is the day Jets fans have been waiting for...well...since last Saturday. Even though the Jets' last victory was less than a week ago, it feels like the wait until tonight's AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers has gone on for years. The Jets got this far last year, but fell short of overcoming the Indianapolis Colts. 

Every Jets fan is hoping for a different outcome this year in the AFC Championship game. We all know that if we we win this game, we're going to the SUPER BOWL!

So what should the Jets do to take out Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers? The Steelers defense is more likely than not the best defense that the Jets have faced all year. I think that the Jets need to play their game, and hope it wears down the injury-prone Steelers.

The Jets should pound the ball down Pittsburgh's throat by running LT and Shonn Greene right down the middle. Constant pressure. And when the Jets can catch the Steelers D off guard, BAM, throw downfield to Holmes and Edwards. 

As for the Jets defense, it has to get to Big Ben. We don't always have to blitz, but we do need constant and steady pressure. Roethlisberger has had a few concussions and injuries, and one big hit might throw him off for the rest of the game. If the Jets D could get a pick six, it would take a ton of pressure off of our offense.

In any case, we need to play Jets football. Confident, smash-mouth and aggressive football. Just remember, if the Jets win this game, it's Super Bowl time!

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