Philadelphia Eagles Miss the Boat by Not Grabbing Dick Jauron

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2011

Jauron has experience and past success, who else out there does?
Jauron has experience and past success, who else out there does?Grant Halverson/Getty Images

This is an article to tell you that I am glad the Philadelphia Eagles fired Sean McDermott. He simply did not have enough experience to get the job done.

Yes, the Eagles had injuries and lost some talent, but McDermott constantly showed the inability to make adjustments or to get the most out of his personnel. Name me a player who really improved drastically under McDermott's tutelage. Exactly. It's hard to name any.

Not to mention, McDermott would fall in love with guys like Macho Harris and then they would be gone a few weeks later. Harris was a starter in 2009 and cut in 2010. Moises Foku started, got benched, then got his job back. McDermott changed things up with such regularity no one knew who was playing where, and that's not good for a defense.

What is good for a defense is Dick Jauron. He has a much better track record of managing defenses than McDermott. He is by far the best candidate that is out there for the job.  Jauron led a strong Chicago Bears defense as a head coach, and was the first defensive coordinator for the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars, who made the playoffs three out of four seasons.

I am not saying Jauron is great. I am simply saying he is better than anyone who was left.

The Eagles fired McDermott and seem to have no viable replacement. Jauron was an in-house candidate who could have brought continuity with an impending lockout. He brought experience, and he brought some past success. The Eagles hesitated, and now they lost out on Jauron.

So who is left?

There are some coaches from teams currently in play like Mike Trgovac, who coaches the green Bay Packers' defensive line, but he has not been a coordinator in a long time. There is Bears linebacker coach Bob Babich, who has been a defensive coordinator and assistant coach in Chicago. 

There are other guys out there, but the Eagles have done very little interviewing and even less scrambling. They seem calm and poised, like they know who their guy is. I believe they have a plan—I would just like to know what it is.

Andy Reid is always a "plan" kind of guy, so when he fired McDermott, I am sure he had someone in mind. I have to trust he does. I am just not sure it's the right guy. I think Jauron was a safe choice, now they will be taking a chance—I hope it works out.

There is one bit of good news. Our red zone defense can't get any worse, so the new coordinator will have no where to go but up.