Calvin Johnson: 5 Reasons Why Next Year Is His Last in a Detroit Lions Uniform

Sam AliContributor IIIJanuary 21, 2011

Calvin Johnson: 5 Reasons Why Next Year Is His Last in a Detroit Lions Uniform

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    In case you haven't heard, Megatron has two more years on his contract but he can opt out of the last year. So far, his career has been marred by inconsistency and injuries.  Nevertheless, he has clearly established himself as one of the top receivers in the NFL.

    But how much longer can he tolerate the losing?

    The Lions finished the season strong, but if there is one thing they need to do next year, it's keep Calvin happy. How do they do that?

    Prove to him that this team has a future.

    Here are my five reasons why I think the Lions are destined to lose their best player.

Matt Stafford

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    You see that guy on the left?

    If Calvin leaves, you can thank him.

    Quarterback Matt Stafford clearly hasn't been able to stay healthy, which is hurting Calvin's progress. We hear every offseason about the chemistry between the two and we have barely seen it the last two years.

    If there's one thing that stands out in my mind, it is the look on Calvin's face two years ago in a game against Seattle, where Stafford was an interception machine. The Lions better get Stafford back on track.

Better Places to Go

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    Calvin knows how good he is. And deep down, despite his humble nature, he knows how bad the Lions are. And when he sees guys like Greg Jennings and Reggie Wayne playing with elite quarterbacks, he starts to realize that he can be way better than them if he had the right guy throwing it to him.

    Can you imagine if he played for New England? Indianapolis? San Diego? He could shatter all of the single season receiving records.

Losing Sucks

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    In Calvin's first four years, the Lions have a 15-49 record, including the infamous 0-16 season in which, ironically, Calvin had his best season thus far. But he has said in recent interviews that he does not like to lose. Losing will take a toll on anybody's confidence.

    Even if the Lions attempt to overpay him, he knows that even if he gets less money somewhere else, he'll be on a winning team, which is clearly what he values most at this point in his career.

History Shows No Signs of Hope

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    It seems as though no team in the NFL has had a bigger habit of losing than the Lions. Even teams like the Rams, Buccanneers, Raiders and Chiefs have improved their squads in half the time the Lions have taken to assemble theirs. Every year we hear about the rookies and free agents coming in and how they expect improvements. Yeah, they were competitive this year, but you don't get wins by just being competitive.

    The NFL system is built in a way where you can go from nothing to something in a short period of time. The Lions are still figuring out how this system works. What will make Calvin think that they will finally start winning some meaningful games?

Who Says the Lions Will Re-Sign Him?

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    Some Lions fans will yell out a big "Are you serious?!" right now. But hear me out.

    What if he gets hurt again next year and misses more games? What if he plays all 16 games, but his production is not spectacular? If I'm gonna pay a wide receiver big money, I expect him to be able to do anything and everything. Calvin's game has been the deep ball and nothing else.

    Would you pay 70-80 million for a guy who just runs streak routes all day?


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    I honestly feel bad for the guy. He deserves better. So enjoy him for one more year, Lions fans, because another lackluster season will send him running for the hills.

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