Predicting the 2011 Detroit Lions Record Game By Game

Austin BrinesContributor IIJanuary 21, 2011

Predicting the 2011 Detroit Lions Record Game By Game

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    Hello Lions fans! Coming off the heels of a very strong finish to 2010, it is almost impossible to not look ahead to 2011! There is a long way to go before will know what the final roster will look like, or if we will even have football in 2011. However, i am going to take an early look at the Lions 2010 opponents, and figure out which games I think are winnable. Remember,  we know who the Lions will play, the schedule just has not been determined yet. So sit back and enjoy this article.

Green Bay Packers-Home

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    In 2010, the Lions beat the Packers 7-3 towards the end of the season at home, and lost by 2 points in a heartbreaker on the road. these results would be considered very succesful. The Lions are bound to continue growing, and that is why i think they will win this game, or at least have a very good chance to win.


Green Bay Packers Road

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    We certainly have the potential to compete with the packers on the road, but I see this game as being a close game that the Packers pull out. They are a very good team and i don't see the lions sweeping a season series against them


Chicago Bears- Home

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    The Lions played the bears twice this season and were robbed in both games. once on the ndamukong Suh facemask call and another on the complete the process of the catch rule. I see the Lions beating a very overrated Bears team once this season and i believe that win will come at home


Chicago Bears Road

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    Although i do believe the Bears are overrated, they are still a very good team and are good at home. They will bring back a lot of players from this seasons team. i think they will knock off the Lions fairly easily at Home this year.


Minnesota Vikings Home

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    The Lions beat the Vikings in the last game of the 2010 season 20-13 and the Vikings were 6-10 that season. i see these 2 teams as going in completely different directions, the Lions up and the Vikings down. I think the Lions dominate this game at home.


Minnesota Vikings Road

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    So far I have not picked the Lions to win a divison road game and I think this is the one they will win. they are on a rise and i think they beat the Vikings in a close one on the road here.


Atlanta Falcons Home

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    This will be a very good game in my opinion. With 2 great young quarterbacks and 2 great offenses we will see a ton of points. i think the Falcons come away with the victory howver, because they are more experienced with close games. However, i am very excited to watch this game


New Orleans Saints Away

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    If this were a home game for the Lions, i would predict a win for them . However, on the road i think the firepower of a Drew Brees offense will be too much for the Lions to handle. i see them losing this game.\


Carolina Panthers Home

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    This is the game i think the Lions will lick any wounds from the previous weeks and get a blowout win. Their d-line will destroy the panthers and the offense will put up 30+ points. i see this as an easy win.


Tampa Bay Bucs Away

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    Can the Lions beat the Bucs on the road 2 years in a row? I'd say yes, because we will have our quarterback back(hopefully). Both of our teams will be much improved. if the lions want to be a playoff team, this is a game they have to win. I think they will win this game.


San Francisco 49ers Home

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    This will be a very good game if the 49ers get a quarterback. However, I don't see this 49er team coming into the lions house and pulling off an upset. I think this will be a big win for the detroit Lions.


Dallas Cowboys Away

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    This is a game i just don't see the Lions winning. i think the Cowboys will be a pretty good team next year and will knock off the Lions at their house. With tony romo back, they will have a very explosive offense.


Kansas City Chiefs Home

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    This game could go either way as well as the game with the Chargers at home. I see the Lions winning this one by a slim margin in a very good game. i think the playoffs showed the chiefs are not for real.


Denver Broncos Away

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    I am almost positive that neither john Elway, Nick Fairley, or daquen Bowers could turn this team into a good team in 2011. The Lions should get another road win right on this field against the Broncos.


San Diego Chargers Home

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    Phillip rivers was not happy about missing the playoffs this year. i don't think it will happen again. the Chargers will have a phenomenol regular season including rolling over a good lions team at home.


Oakland Raiders Away

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    This game could really go either way as you never know what you are getting with the raiders. However, i see the Lions getting a huge road win and upsetting the oakland Raiders. This would be a huge win for the franchise.



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    Its hard to believe we could actually be talking about playoffs for a Lions team, but by looking at the schedule game by game, it is entirely possible. There are a ton of winnable games on this schedule for the lions. Comment with any feedback you may have! Thanks for reading and GO LIONS!!!!!!