2011 NFL Draft: Analyzing Mel Kiper and Todd McShay's Picks for the 49ers

Casey CrailCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2011

Earlier in the week, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper both published the earliest of their mock drafts. Both drafts had picks looking in different selections, including their picks for the San Francisco 49ers.

Todd McShay has Nebraska's Prince Amukamara falling to the Niners. This is a logical selection because of the 23rd-ranked pass defense of the Niners.

Nate Clements has been a disappointment during his time in red and gold, and if he doesn't take a pay cut he may soon be cut. Many times Clements was seen given up the big play because he bit on a pump fake, or just because he isn't athletic enough to keep up with receivers.

Shawntae Spencer is a pretty decent No. 2 corner, but was very inconsistent the last two years, so he will not be reliable to cover teams' top receivers. Amukamara is very highly rated because of his cover, ball-hawking and tackling skills.

A starter from day one, Amukamara will likely improve the Niners pass defense instantly.

Mel Kiper has North Carolina's Robert Quinn to the 49ers. Quinn makes sense because the Niners lack a true pass-rusher.

Justin Smith is excellent at the position, but is not a pure pass-rusher like Quinn. He uses more of strength to get to the quarterback, and is almost like a defensive tackle. Also, Smith is aging so Quinn would eventually take over as the starter.

Quinn was originally considered by some as the top talent in the draft before being suspended. He should put on a show at the Combine because scouts have reported that he has remained in great shape.

Either Quinn or Amukamara would be a good selection for the 49ers because of their defensive needs, and that there are no first-round-worthy West Coast offense type of quarterbacks.

Pat Devlin from Delaware could be a potential future quarterback taken in the second round, while taking a year or two to develop behind a veteran while either Quinn or Amukamara are selected in the first round to immediately aid the defense.