Carl Pavano and the 10 Greatest Mustaches in Baseball History

Evan Walker@@EvanTheJetCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2011

Carl Pavano and the 10 Greatest Mustaches in Baseball History

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    I'm sure by now you know that Carl Pavano will stay with the Minnesota Twins for another two years.

    That is all good and well, but the one question burning into our heart and soul, the one question that keeps us rolling around in bed late at night, the one question that nobody has the courage to ask: Will the mustache stay?

    Pavano sported one of the best mustaches of our time in 2010, but it was his first time growing the lady-catcher in his career. That leaves us asking, "Will he bring it back?"

    That also makes me wonder where Pavano's 'stache belongs in the list of America's pastime's greatest mustaches. Does he make the top ten?

10. Don Mattingly

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    Donnie Baseball is one of the most disciplined hitters of all time and his famous mustache had even more discipline and continuity.

    This 'stache never went uncombed for more than five minutes and very, very rarely ever failed to pick up the ladies. If the mustache didn't do the job, that rockin' mullet sealed the deal every single time.

9. Mike Schmidt

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    Yeah, Mike Schmidt was one of the greatest third basemen of all time and will always be know for what he did on the diamond, but what is even more impressive is Schmidt's accomplishments above the lip.

    Sure, if you bought tickets to see Schmitty play you had about a 50 percent chance you would see him do something great. But there was always a 100 percent chance you would see one of the greatest mustaches in sports history, and that is priceless.

8. Catfish Hunter

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    It was standard, yet so elegant.

    Simple, yet so complex.

    Sadly, this Hall of Fame mustache lasted only until Catfish Hunter died at the age of 53 in 1999. Imagine the potential...

7. Jason Giambi

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    I like to call this picture "Angry Mustache."

    As Jason Giambi's career started it's downward spiral (which it is still on), his mustaches only got better.

    Sure, steroids may have ruined baseball for a while, but you have to give them credit for producing incredible lip warmth.

6. Randy Johnson

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    Randy Johnson could throw a fastball 100 MPH, but when he ran out to the mound and displayed one of the best mustache-mullet combos in history, the ladies' hearts were racing even faster than that.

    Randy may have switched teams a little too much and played for a little too long, but one part of his game was flawless throughout his entire career, and that was his upper-lip hair.

5. Kenny Powers

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    No, Kenny Powers does not exist, but there is no way you can convince me that his mustache isn't real.

    Whether or not he actually played baseball is invalid, because Powers' mustache will stand the test of time and be remembered as one of the greatest 'staches in baseball mustache history.

    If you don't know who Powers is, then "You're F*%#ing Out!"

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4. Al "the Mad Hungarian" Hrabosky

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    This is the definition of a "Fu Manchu" mustache.

    I really don't have any words for this picture.

    It's perfect.

3. "Goose" Gossage

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    There are two reasons why Goose Gossage's mustache is so awesome.

    1. He grew it for the sole purpose of pissing off George Steinbrenner, but remained a New York Yankee.

    2. Besides color, it hasn't changed one bit.

    Even when it's gray and frazzled, The Goose can still rock it, making this mustache one of the greatest of all-time.

2. Keith Hernandez

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    Sometimes I lay restless in bed at night and wonder, "Why can't I be Keith Hernandez?"

    Admit it, so do you.

    This guy is in Just For Men commercials.

    'Nuff said.

1. Rollie Fingers

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    Whether you know him from being one of the greatest relief pitchers of all time or his acting days, everyone knows about his mustache.

    Most men try to mimic this 'stache at least once in their lives, but only one man in the world could ever pull it off.

    Ladies and gents, the greatest mustache in baseball history, Mr. Rollie Fingers.