Mike Singletary Reunites With Leslie Frazier As Minnesota Vikings LB's Coach

Peter HillCorrespondent IIJanuary 18, 2011

Mike Singletary has the passion and fire to rejuvenate a veteran group of defensive players
Mike Singletary has the passion and fire to rejuvenate a veteran group of defensive playersEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Mike Singletary did not take long to find other employment in the NFL. Just weeks after being fired from the Head Coaching job in San Francisco, Singletary has accepted the position of Linebackers coach/Assistant Head coach in Minnesota.

Singletary has joined forces with his former teammate, current Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier.

Singletary and Frazier have quite the history behind them, both being intricate parts in what is known as the best defense in NFL history. Singletary finished his career with 10 Pro Bowls to go along with one Super Bowl as a tenacious linebacker. Frazier was the interception leader on that Bears team before suffering a career ending injury in the Super Bowl.  

As a Vikings fan, this hiring is music to my ears.

Singletary brings toughness, coaching, intensity, and playing experience to a defense that nobody else can match. Refer to his stints in Baltimore and San Francisco where he did just that.

Who wouldn't want a former captain of the best defense ever and 10 time Pro Bowler on your coaching staff? On the outside this appears as a "no brainer," matching up an explosive Singletary with an older veteran group of defensive players that can still get it done.

This type of hiring puts Singletary back in the coaching position where he can succeed the most. He gets to coach the linebackers specifically but is also given power to make other important decisions.

Chalk it up as a win-win if you are a Vikings fan.

Now that Frazier has pulled off a great hire to anchor the defense, NFL fans wait to find out who will lead the offense next year. With speculation and rumors always swirling, Vikings fans need to sit back and appreciate what a great job was done by bringing Singletary to Minnesota.