Arizona Cardinals: 10 Free Agents The Cardinals Should Target

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IJanuary 17, 2011

Arizona Cardinals: 10 Free Agents The Cardinals Should Target

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    One of the most exciting things in the offseason (other than the non-stop mock drafts up until April) is free agency.

    And for teams like the Cardinals, who lost a lot in free agency last season, they really need to make a splash this offseason.

    Especially if they move on from players like Joey Porter, Clark Haggans, and if they lose Steve Breaston.

    So while Ken Whisnenhunt is looking for his new defensive coordinator, I'll give him a hand and make a list of free agents the Cards should look at getting this offseason.

Kevin Kolb, QB

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    Obviously the biggest priority for Arizona in the offseason, regarding the player personnel, is the quarterback position.

    I go back and forth on Kolb, as he has been inconsistent at times.

    And yes, he's technically not a free agent.

    But you can't help but like to think about what he could do in Cardinals red, especially with Larry Fitzgerald.

    The Cardinals receiving corp compares fairly with the Eagles, except at the tight end position, which is another need this offseason.

    But Kolb, I think, would adapt well to throwing to Steve Breaston instead of Desean Jackson. And Larry Fitzgerald instead of Jeremy Maclin.

    The Cardinals also have the potential to have a better run game than the Eagles (although it's not really Lesean McCoy's fault they don't call running plays).

    So what's not to like Kevin? What do you say?

Marc Bulger, QB

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    Hey, if we can't get Kolb, as funny as it sounds, Bulger might be the next best thing.

    To put it into perspective, it's not like everyone was excited when Kurt Warner came to the desert either.

    And look what he did.

    Bulger did quite well for a time in St. Louis, and with the receiving talent in Arizona, you'd think he could excel.

    And word is that Ken Whisenhunt wanted him last year, and the Rams held on to him too long, along with the purse strings getting pulled on Whizzy.

    Maybe this summer will be different?

Jacoby Jones, WR

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    This is realistically speaking--remember that.

    The Cardinals aren't going after the big named free agent WRs, because they already have Larry.

    I believe Jones could add a lot to the offense.

    For one, he's a quick, yet physical receiver that could replace Early Doucet (should he leave).

    He could also potentially replace Steve Breaston should the Cardinals not resign him (I sure hope not).

    Jones also adds the dimension of being a punt returner.

    Granted, Andre Roberts is up and coming, but Jones familiarity with a pass happy offense (in Houston) makes him a good fit for the Cardinals in my mind.

Matt Spaeth, TE

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    One thing that should be attractive about Spaeth is he played for Pittsburgh, and we all know that Whisenhunt loves him some former Pitt players.

    As well, he fits the mold of the Cardinals type of tight end-- a good blocker that does well in two tight end sets.

    As well, Spaeth has solid hands, as he filled in for Heath Miller in 2009 and had some very good games.

    The tight end rookie class is a little on the week side, and with Ben Patrick a pending free agent (here's to hoping the Cardinals don't resign him), it may be better for the Cardinals to sign a free agent.

Manny Lawson, LB

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    It would be rather ironic if Lawson signed with the Cards.

    After all he does play for the 49ers.

    Still, Lawson would be a perfect fit, as he's sure to understand the Cardinals scheme quickly (having seen them twice a year), and would probably be a full-time starter.

    Lawson is getting a little older, but unlike Joey Porter, he's not played enough over the last few years for that to be a huge issue.

Matt Roth, LB

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    I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Roth.

    But the Cleveland defense was fairly decent at times this season, and Roth played a big part, as he was second on the team in tackles.

    And with the Cardinals glaring need at LB, heck, why not take a chance?

Kirk Morrison, LB

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    Morrison is probably better known for a decent career as the Oakland Raiders, but played a season for the Jaguars, and didn't perform so well.

    He's likely to be let go off by the Jaguars, and I would think that he could help fill a need for depth at the linebacking corp for Arizona.

    Or he could come in and possibly start, maybe taking over for Paris Lenon.

    Just a thought.

Richard Marshall, CB

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    Marshall is probably better known as the other cornerback in Carolina, though I've heard several say he's a lot more consistent than Chris Gamble. 

    Actually, he'd make a great pairing with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who, like Gamble, takes a lot of risks and so makes the headlines.

    Greg Toler did make some strides this year, but if the chance comes to get Marshall, I would think the Cardinals would take it.

9. Chris Hoke, DT

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    The Cardinals are likely to lose Bryan Robinson (who may retire), and possibly Kenny Iwebema (although I doubt he will find much interest in the free agent market).

    And while the Cardinals have some good depth on the d-line, they could use another Pittsburgh guy to shore that up.

    On top of that, if Robinson leaves, that will mean Dan Williams is the only true nose tackle left, a position Hoke has played.

    Wouldn't hurt to take a chance..would it?

10. Mike Tolbert, RB

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    I can't take credit for this idea...another B/R writer thought it up.

    At first, it honestly surprised me, as the Cardinals already have three decent running backs.

    But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

    The Cardinals haven't had a big physical back like Tolbert in a long time.

    I would think a Pittsburgh guy like Whisenhunt would like Tolbert's size and versatility (remind you of someone named Bettis?).