Keep Your Head Up: An Open Letter to Atlanta Falcons Fans

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 17, 2011

The Atlanta Falcons might have lost another playoff game this year, which makes their 13-win season and NFC South Championship mean nothing.

However, the fans of the Atlanta Falcons did not lose Saturday night.

Not only that night, but all season, we gave that team all of the support they needed and more.

Falcons fans took the "Rise Up" moniker from actor Samuel L. Jackson and believed in it like it came from up above.

It isn't often around here a team plays as well as the Falcons did this year, and I had a strong belief we could make it to the Super Bowl in Dallas.

As I stare at my "rise up" flag on the floor in my room from the game, I can't help but feel like my team gave up on us.

I am not going to single out any one player, but I would just like to know what Mike Smith said in the locker room at halftime, because the Falcons came out more flat then pita bread.

I know the interception for a touchdown was demoralizing and took all the wind out of our sails, but it was just a 14-point game.

You stop them, and you score.  You stop them, and you score.

When the Packers came out and drove right down our throats and made it a 21-point game, the fat lady was tuning up the band.

One thing I forgot about is how mobile Aaron Rodgers is.  That guy can flat out avoid sacks and scramble for a completion.  That was a big reason why the Packers won; we couldn't get to Rodgers.

I am still happy to be a Falcons fan and all of my fellow fans should be proud.  We have come a long way in Atlanta after losing our star quarterback (Michael Vick) and having a coach walk out on us (Bobby Patrino).

I know it doesn't make you feel better or erase the loss that just happened, but we do play the Green Bay Packers again at the Georgia Dome next season.  Mark that one on your calendar!

As far as the offseason goes, I wouldn't mind giving free-agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha a big contract to come to Atlanta.