Who's the Class Act? The Jets Or The Patriots?

Antonio FurgiueleContributor IJanuary 17, 2011

Did the Jet's get positive yardage or negative?
Did the Jet's get positive yardage or negative?Al Bello/Getty Images

By Antonio Furgiuele

As Sunday’s games come to a close, every New York fan is letting the World know that the Jets have beaten the Patriots. Just like last year, the fans are screaming after every play as I brought more beers to the table, ( I’m a waiter) and every play the Jets were either amazing for a yard gained, or terrible for every yard lost.

It’s the same song every season for Jets. If the Jets win their first game, it’s the perfect start to the perfect season. After their first lost, hope seems lost and the Jets might as well pack it in for a high draft pick, that is unless they win next week.

Going into this week, on the endless loops of Sports Center, the main headline was the trash talking between bitter division rivals. To add fuel to the fire, players like Antonio Cromartie revealing his true feelings about Tom Brady with a choice words that had to be censored. Rex Ryan acknowledged his statements saying his players are allowed to have opinions. 

Antonio Cromartie was not punished

Brady took Cromartie's words and in his interview only spoke highly of him and Revis for their athleticism. He even went as far to say,he’s been called worse.

As the week progressed however, Wes Welker made obvious remarks about Rex Ryan's foot fetish in an interview with the press. With remarks about Jets players having good feet and being foot soldiers, which landed him in hot water. 

Welker did not start the game as a punishment.

Nick Mangold of the Jets replied to Wes Welker’s remarks by tweeting that he has "really benefitted from watching film. If we don't keep a Spy on him, he could really open the Gate." This remark referring to the Spy Gate Scandal that cost Belichick the League maximum fine of $500,000, the Patriots $250,000 and the first round pick. 

Mangold was not punished.

For a team that is looked upon with the shame of Spy Gate, the Patriots seem to be the team with more class as Rex Ryan did not only not punish his players as they are held to a higher standard, but he should have been mindful of the example his players set for the youth who look at these players as role models.

As for the the game, the Patriots weak pass defense let Mark Sanchez put up three through the air. After two onside kick recoveries by the Jets and a score by Greene the game was over. The Jets backed up their talk.

Press interviews followed as Cromartie chose to stick by his words as he stated, that those were his thoughts but it’s time to move on. He talked trash and backed his words, and he chose not to rub it in their face.

Next week the Jets face a much more physical Team as they play the Steelers for   the AFC title. Only time will tell if the Jets puff themselves up again and maybe we’ll see 2011 AFC champions hats again this year in New York before the game is played. One thing I do know however, is that the Steelers are a different monster with a defensive that may force Sanchez into making mistakes. 

In the mean time, I’ll be here, in New York, watching repeats of how Rex Ryan outsmarted Belichick on the road