What Do You Think? Readers Roundtable Week 2

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 13, 2008

These guys need some help and I know that you and I both can provide enough piece of mind to help them make the right decision.

Check them out and lets here your take in the comments below.

Mike asks…

Ive got a few questions.
Should I trade Brett Favre/Willis McGahee for Braylon Edwards?
My roster as of today looks like this:
QB: Peyton Manning
QB/Bn: Brett Farve
RB1/2/3: Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, Matt Forte
RB/Bn: Willis Mcgahee, Sammie Morris
WR1/2: Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Brown
W/T: Chris Cooley
WR/Bn: Reggie Williams, Michael Jenkins, Kevin Walter
K: John Carney
Def: Jacksonville

My take…

Mike, I can see why you are considering it.  A lot of things I would need to know to making a final decision (how many RBs do you start, what QBs are available on your waiver wire, and scoring system). But if you can get a decent back up for Manning, you could defintely use a little help at WR and your depth at RB allows you to part with McGahee. I would do it to get yourself a solid WR1.

Don Quixote asks…

Probably not the forum, but will take anyone’s advice.

The fellow in our league with Brady wants my QB Eli Manning.

I’m thinking of offering him Eli and TJ Housh for Aaron Rodgers and Plaxico.

Am I crazy, or is Plaxico’s upside worth taking a chance on Rodgers (I have Delhomme as a backup)?

The guy that offered me the trade also has Larry fitzgerald and had tom brady so he needs a qb and has no true starting RB. What should I do? Take Edwards or fitzgerald?

My take…

Edwards? Not sure where that came from. But I think I get the jist. Over the long haul, I like Rodgers and Plax (or Fitz) better than Housh and Eli. Plax’s upside is good and Rodgers looked decent enough where you really aren’t taking a chance on him.

There ya have it. I want to thank Mike and Don for stopping and most of all you for helping all of us out. Next week I think I might try to throw together a cheat sheet of some kind so that I can answer all of your start sit questions faster.

See ya Sunday night with waiver wire pick-ups.