NFL Lockout 2011: The Fans' Demands For The New Agreement

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NFL Lockout 2011: The Fans' Demands For The New Agreement
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NFL Fans

While the collective public waits with anticipation for the results of the push and pull between the owners—essentially a union you know as the National Football League (a.k.a. NFL) and the players that populate that league, represented by the union known as the National Football League's Player Association (a.k.a. NFLPA)—the voice of the source of funds remains unrepresented.

If you have not figured out who that is, then here is a hint: It is most likely you, the reader, and the fan.

The strongest union behind any form of entertainment is the fan that funds the source of entertainment. The media (i.e. television, radio, print, internet, etc.) would not be able to pay billions of dollars for broadcasting rights without the advertising revenue taken in from the advertisers (i.e. companies selling their products and services).  In turn the advertisers would not be able to fork over the big dollars to the media without customers actual buying their goods and services—which again, is most likely you or someone you helped refer to the advertiser.

Tickets revenue—you.

Merchandise (direct or licensed product or services) revenue—you.

Parking revenue—you.

Concession's revenue—you again.

Essentially, this is a fight about your money. Who gets it and how is it used.

The media has somewhat of a voice as they collect it just as the advertisers have somewhat of a voice because they collect it as well, but the biggest contingent with the most influence (and the most fragmented) is you, the fan.

So, in representation of the newly anointed National Football League Fan Association, I present the fan negotiating points which need (i.e. should) be included for football to continue at an optimal level.

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