Kansas City Chiefs: Decision Time- Who to Keep, Who To Throw on the Heap

John BartramCorrespondent IIJanuary 14, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs: Decision Time- Who to Keep, Who To Throw on the Heap

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    The Chiefs have just finished a very successful 2009-2010 season.  Now, it's time for the brain trust, Scott Pioli and Todd Haley specifically, to make some serious decisions.

    There are a number of Chiefs with no contracts. They need to decide who to keep, and who to let go.  This is always a tricky situation, ala, Bernard Pollard.

    Of course, there are free agents, trades and the upcoming draft that all factor into the decisions. 

    We'll take a look at who should go, who's on the bubble and they should sign, fast.

CB Maurice Leggett

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    Maurice Leggett is on injured reserve, and was mediocre at best. Listed at CB, but spending much of his time on special teams, this is easy.  Those are two areas that are filled with talent.   


Brodie Croyle

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    I realize I alone in this opinion, but I still believe Brodie Croyle can be a valuable back-up quarterback in the NFL.

    Not, however, for the Kansas City Chiefs.  I believe that ship has sailed.  He needs a new start somewhere else and he may have a chance.

    Thanks for the "service" and so long.


CB Travis Daniels

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    Again, with a secondary that is loaded with talent, and a lot of decisions to make, it's hard to justify keeping Daniels.

    In seven games, he had four tackles and one Int.  Yes, the Chiefs need depth in the secondary, but I'm not sure this is the guy.

    Don't let the door hit you..........

WR Kevin Curtis

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    No way to find a picture of this guy in a Chief uniform unless somebody took one by accident at the game.

    Have a nice life.


LB Charlie Anderson

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    The Chiefs released Anderson once, and are not going to sign him again. They only brought him back after placing Mark Simoneau on injured reserve.

    The obviously released him for a reason.


WR Chris Chambers

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    No. Nada. Zip. Zero. Goodbye. So long.

    One of the true mystery's and disappointments of the Chiefs season.  Last year when Chambers came in he immediately became Cassel's "go to" guy.

    This year, the lack of anything close to a wide receiver on the other side of Bowe hurt the offense terribly.

    Easy.......Unemployment line.

TE Brad Cottam

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    Coming off injured reserve, and not having ever done much, I can't see why.

    Maybe he hooks up somewhere else.

    Good luck and so long.

FB Tim Castille

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    This is a position the Chiefs need to address.  As a long time Chief fan, I can't help think of Tony Richardson when it comes to fullbacks.  Now, that's not really fair to your average fullback.

    Castille as done little for the Chiefs, which may not even be his fault. 

    If they have no intention of changing how they use their FB's, who knows?

    Otherwise, no go.

FB Mike Cox

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    I could pretty much just copy and paste what I just wrote about Castille and put it here.

    They may keep one of these guys, but again, in my opinion it's a position that needs a serious upgrade.


WR Terrance Cooper

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    This is slowly going to get tougher and tougher, then very easy.

    Wide receiver is the number one position, in my opinion, that Chiefs need to find a star to play opposite Bowe. 

    Cooper is a veteran back-up who made a couple nice catches. 


LB Mark Simoneau

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    This one should have been put sooner. 


LB Corey Mays

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    Corey Mays is a journeyman player that was there to add some depth to the linebacker position.  The problem was, he didn't really add any.

    I don't expect to see him back in a Chief uniform.

    See ya.

LB Demorrio Williams

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    Demorrio Williams is also a journeyman type player.  He's a seven year veteran, but I think he's been a decent player for the Chiefs and someone they can look to for depth in a much needed position.

    I think there is a good chance we see him back.

    On the bubble, but most likely to return.


TE Leonard Pope

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    Obviously Tony Moeaki is "the" tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.  That leaves Pope and Jake O'Connell in limited, mostly blocking roles.

    Are the Chiefs going to look to upgrade this position?  Or, are they satisfied with the one play-maker and the two blockers?

    As we all know, the NFL is a copy-cat league.  We are all watching what the Patriots are doing with more than one talented tight end.

    I think this leaves both our blocking tight ends on the bubble.

    Bubble boy.

TE Jake O'Connell

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    If the Chiefs look to upgrade the tight end position and add a play-maker, they would probably keep one of the two they currently have.

    O'Connell's advantage may be his age.  He is younger than Pope. 


FB Jackie Battle

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    Of all the unimpressive full-backs the Chiefs have, Battle seems to be the one with the most up-side. 

    Also, I think he is the favorite of the coaching staff.  They like to use him to run more often, though he's not very effective, but that's not how they use their full-backs.

    I think he'll be back for the Chiefs.

    Sign him.

LB Cory Greenwood

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    With all the upgrades the Chiefs need to make in this position, I can't imagine there will be a spot for this dude.

    Again, I should have gotten to him sooner.

    Best of luck pal.

T Ryan O'Callaghan

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    The offensive line, though vastly improved, will be another area where we will see changes.  Ryan O'Callaghan may or may not be part of it.

    Currently, as a back-up I can't see him sliding into a starting role, so he's up in the air.


C Casey Wiegmann

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    Now we're in the thick of the tough part.  Casey Wiegmann will be 79 years old this year.  OK, he'll be 38, which is really the only question about him.

    I don't think he, or the Chiefs brought him here for one year, but who knows?

    I have no idea if he wants to play one more year, or if the Chiefs want him for one more year.

    What I do know is that could be an invaluable back-up and leader to this young team.  I would like to see him stay another year.

    Definitely Bubble.

Mike Vrabel

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    This is the toughest one on here for me.

    Mike Vrabel is one of my favorite football players.  To me, he epitomizes what this game is all about.  He is a leader, hard worker and tremendous example for this young team.

    Again, we're talking about age and a personal decision for Vrabel as well as the Chiefs.

    I hope they sign him forever.  I would love to see  him go right from the field to the sidelines as a coach.


C Barry Richardson

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    Obviously, no matter what happens with Wiegmann, he won't be starting many, if any games.  This is Richardsons job to win, unless the Chiefs have something going on we don't know about.

    Time to sign the man.

    Keep him.

C/G Rudy Niswanger

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    Rudy Niswanger would definitely find himself on the bubble list, but I believe they'll re-sign him.  Mostly because he can play more than one position, and adds depth to an offensive line.

    He's not starting material, as we found out, but I think he's a perfect back-up.

    Sign him.

DL Shaun Smith

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    Now it's getting easier.  Shaun Smith has finally found a home.  He's earned his spot on this team.

    Let him grab who's ever junk he wants.  He adds a lot on and off the field.

    Sign the man.

S Jon McGraw

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    Clearly, the secondary of this team is now, and will be for a long time, the star filled, brightest spot on the team.

    In my opinion, McGraw is a perfect veteran addition to this group of talented rookies.  He's not old by any means, and can play at a fairly high level.

    I think he's important to keep.

    Sign the guy.

DE Wallace Gilberry

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    Wallace Gilberry was a true surprise on this team.  In limited playing time he had 7 sacks and 20 tackles.

    Sign him!

CB Brandon Carr

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    I'm shocked that I still see people talking about getting rid of Carr.

    To me, he was on of the most improved players on this team.  He has turned into a cover man every bit as solid as Flowers.

    Pay him!

DE Tamba Hali

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    Talk about fruit hanging low off a tree.