Denver Broncos Under John Fox: Solid Defense and a Run-First Offense

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Denver Broncos Under John Fox: Solid Defense and a Run-First Offense
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I think the hiring of John Fox as the new head coach for the Broncos is a wise move that tells us that the Broncos are building a foundation of how to do things in the future.

There will not be a head coach in Denver with total control, which is why Gruden, Cowher and maybe even Harbaugh were out of the picture from the start.

Elway will be the overseer of the franchise's long-term football philosophy, and like Holmgren in Cleveland be the figure that portrays the Denver way of doing things.

I think that John Fox was brought in to get back to solid fundamentals on defense and to build a running game that can take the pressure off Tebow. But more than anything, Fox will bring experience into a rebuilding coaching staff.


With John Fox, I think the Broncos will go back to running the 4-3 defense. The 3-4 relies heavily on the big stud NT to clog up the middle, and the Broncos just don't have that key guy to move forward with.

I read a comment from another contributor some time ago (I can't remember who), in a debate about the need for improvements along the Bronco D-line. He stated the there actually were three or four good DTs on the team, but maybe they just didn't fit the 3-4 system.

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However, that does raise another question: how does Elvis Dumervil fit in the 4-3 as an OLB or pass-rushing DE ?


On that basis the Broncos will find an offensive coordinator (that could be McCoy) to build the offense around Tim Tebow's strengths, I think the OC will have a lot of autonomy to build his offense because offense is not what John Fox is brought in for.

However, I think that John Fox will guarantee more emphasis on the run game, which also will benefit Tebow. Like with Michael Vick (without comparing Tebow to him) a QB that also is a running threat is a huge benefit to the run game as defenses will have keep an eye out for play-action and the QB running. Hopefully that will be an added dimension in the Denver run game.

The Broncos have the receivers to stretch the field, but you have to question if they have the right running backs.

In conclusion

I think Broncos fans will see a less exciting Broncos team on defense and on offense, one that will try and grind it out with solid play on both sides of the ball.

It will probably a kind of football that fits very nicely with Tebow's style of play and his never-give-up winning mentality. The defense won't focus as much on turnovers, but more on field position. The offense will be in fight-for-every-yard mode.

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