The Seattle Seahawks: What They Have to Do to Keep the Dream Alive.

Billy LockhartContributor IJanuary 13, 2011

The Seattle Seahawks: What They Have to Do to Keep the Dream Alive.

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    This Sunday the Seattle Seahawks face the Chicago Bears in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

    As ultimate underdogs, the Seahawks entered the playoffs with an abysmal record.

    In last week's Wild Card, game Seattle was tested and came out victorious over the reigning Super Bowl Champion's, the New Orleans Saints.

    The team everyone counted out during the season made NFL history and is looking to follow up it's performance. To stay alive, the Seahawks will need to focus on a few key things to achieve success.

Beast Mode

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    The Seahawks have averaged fewer than 150 rushing yards over the last two games.

    During the game against the Saints, Mr. Beast Mode, broke off one of the most spectacular rushing performances in the history of the NFL. The Seahawks will need to see more of this Sunday.

Pressure Cutler

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    During the last game in week six, the Seahawks were able to put tremendous pressure on Bears QB Jay Cutler.

    Cutler went down six times throughout the game. Only by applying pressure and disrupting the Bears game plan can the Seahawks secure another win.

Forget The Road Record.

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    The Seahawks won only two out of six road games during the season.

    To be successful Sunday, the Hawks need to forget all about this.

    A sudden case of team-wide selective amnesia is needed. The only thing Seattle must remember during week six is that they can beat the Bears on the road.

Smash the pass

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    Seattle struggled this season against the pass.

    Teams have averaged a little less than 250 passing yards per game on the Seahawks. This is another reason why it's so important to pressure Cutler.

    More pressure will turn into turnovers or incompletions and either of the two will prevent the Bears from reaching the 250 yard mark.

Air Hasselback

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    During the last game Hasselback threw for 272 yards and four touchdowns.

    The Seahawks need a repeat performance.

    Anything less than an equal or better performance will most likely lead to a Seahawk loss.

Cook Peppers and Stop Forte

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    The Seahawks must be ready for a very aggressive pass rush.

    Peppers is primed to be in top form, so stopping him will definitely be a focal point.

    Matt Forte who had 1,616 combined yards during the season is a double threat who will have to be addressed.

Answer the call

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    Pete Carroll made news by answering his cell phone during a press conference.

    That was a good move to shout out a high school friend on a national stage, but this is not the call that is needed.

    Coach Carroll needs to answer the call of coaching, and conduct a masterful game this Sunday.