Oakland Raiders Tom Cable: Likely Landing Spots for Ex-Raiders Coach

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2011

Oakland Raiders Tom Cable: Likely Landing Spots for Ex-Raiders Coach

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    Former Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable showed that he can be successful in the NFL. He led the Raiders to an 8-8 record in 2010, including going 6-0 in the AFC West.

    That was the best record that the Raiders have had in nearly a decade, but it was still not enough to save Cable's job.

    Now out on the market and looking for employment, let's take a look at 10 potential landing sports for the ex-Raiders coach.

10. The Court Room

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    In addition to being fired by the Raiders, Tom Cable still faces some legal issues from being involved in an alleged assault on an assistant coach.

    This story broke over a year ago, but it was fully settled. If more evidence comes out against him, he could be spending a lot of time in the court room hammering this thing out.

9. Oakland Raiders

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    With any other team, there is no way this would happen, but with crazy Al Davis running the team, it certainly could be an option.

    Perhaps Davis realizes that he was completely wrong with his decision to dismiss Cable. He realizes that the players liked him, and more importantly, the guy led them to their best finish in what feels like forever. It would be bizarre, but like I said, with Davis in charge, you just never know.

8. Fox NFL Sunday

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    Hey, why not? Cable seems like a knowledgeable guy who knows his football. If he he isn't hired on to a new team as an offensive line coach or cordinator, he could head to the announcing booth just like so many former coaches and players do.

    It seems like Jimmy, Howie and Terry are adding new guys to their show and sideline reporting all the time. Add Cable to the list.

7. University of Michigan

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    With Rich Rodriguez out, and Brady Hoke in, Hoke is going to need some new cordinators and coaches to fill out his coaching staff.

    Cable is a guy that has experience on the college level, having been an offensive coordinator at both UCLA and Colorado. I know he's not a Michigan man, but I'm pretty sure that criteria is only for getting their head coach. He could coach their offensive line if nothing else.

6. Carolina Panthers

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    This team needs help wherever they can get it. They just brought in Ron Rivera as their new head coach, which is a solid hire.

    But in the end, Carolina needs a lot of help, and it starts with the offense. Bringing in a guy like Cable to run your offense or coach your offensive line would be an easy transition and give the players a guy to learn from who has been there and done it before at the highest level.

5. Houston Texans

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    The Texans fired former defensive coordinator Frank Bush and then brought in one former head coach to their defense, former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips.

    Why not bring in another former coach to guide their offensive line?

    The Texans took a huge step back this year, and most of it started and ended with the poor play of their defense. Adding Phillips and Cable would be a huge upgrade for a unit that needs a spark somewhere.

4. Minnesota Vikings

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    Pat Morris is long gone as offensive line coach. The Vikings did a poor job all year of protecting Brett Favre, and now with a new quarterback scheduled to come in next year, he is going to need some good protection.

    Cable is not done just because he got fired by the Raiders. He will get some looks from other NFL teams, and the Vikings very well could be one of them.

3. St. Louis Rams

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    The Cleveland Browns hired former St. Louis Rams offensive cordinator Pat Shurmur as their new head coach on Thursday. Shurmur had been St. Louis's offensive coordinator the past two years and comes to the Browns after their second straight 11-loss season.

    This leaves a coaching vacancy in St. Louis. Someone needs to fill Shurmur's job, and if they do go with someone internally, it could leave another job open somewhere for Cable to step right in, whether it's at offensive line coach or offensive coordinator.

2. Sportscenter

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    Hasn't this been the move as of late by most former NFL coaches. They try to get on their feet somewhere, and then if they don't or just simply choose to stay out of the coaching profession, they head to the broadcast team.

    In order to do a job like this, you have to know what your talking about and be good in front of the camera. Cable seems to have both those qualities. He could make a good NFL analyst for a year, and then get back into coaching once he feels ready.

    Boom. Perfect fit.

1. Buffalo Bills

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    This has been a hot rumor around the NFL, that Cable could come into Buffalo and be their offensive line coach.

    The Bills struggled a lot this year and need some new blood to come in and help their offensive line. Cable is available, he has experience, and he is ready to coach. The players in Oakland like this guy. Oakland punter Shane Lechler said it was a shame that Al Davis fired this guy.

    He will get a job somewhere. He has too much talent in his craft not to.

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