NFL Trade Rumors: 10 Rumored Trades To Watch This Offseason

John LorgeSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: 10 Rumored Trades To Watch This Offseason

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    2011 NFL Trade RumorsJeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

    NFL trade rumors are swirling now that the 2010 regular season is over.  Almost a third of the league is looking for a QB, WRs are always in demand, and there is one very large trouble-maker in our nation's capital.

    Most of this list consists of of quarterbacks, as it should. As the highest profile position in sports, either your QB has you in the playoffs, is up-and-coming, or is out the door. 

    One man's junk is another man's gold though.

    We've seen plenty of quality starting QBs make their way to the Super Bowl after a team switch, and some guys on this list already have that experience.

    *Note: No trades can be made or offered until the NFL and NFLPA reach a new CBA. 

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10. Broncos Trade Tim Tebow

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Denver Broncos czar, John Elway, is not sold on Tim Tebow as the starting QB moving forward. That being said, he hasn't hung Tebow out to dry either.

    On the business side of things it would be ridiculous for Denver to trade Tebow. He had the third best-selling jersey this season and his dual-threat ability keeps the games exciting.

    It would most likely take a first-round pick to get Tebow but a package including an early second-round pick could get it done.

    A team like Buffalo, who was high on him last year, could make the move. 

    I don't see a serious playoff contender putting anything on the table though.

9. Bengals Trade Carson Palmer

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Around Week 15 this was the hottest trade rumor in the NFL. However, Carson Palmer had a strong finish to the season and Marvin Lewis will be back as coach next year.

    Palmer would be a very good pickup for Minnesota or Tennessee. A team with a good run game, like Cinci had in 2009, will keep Palmer out of too many passing situations where his confidence and lack of mobility can hurt him.

    Don't rule out Seattle either. Pete Carroll has said Palmer is the best QB he's ever coached—and did so without hesitation.

    With his age and contract, the Bengals shouldn't expect much more than a mid-to-late round pick if they're looking to deal Palmer.

8. Bengals Trade Chad Ochocinco

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    According to the Bengals brass, Chad Ochocinco has been under contract for the 2011 season since he signed on the dotted line. No option was exercised.

    The only remaining question is where Ocho will be playing next year.

    In the later stages of his career, it doesn't look like the Bengals will be taking him to the Super Bowl. He can leave the team after next season, or they can get something for him this offseason.

    The New England Patriots are said to be the top team eying him. If they don't win the crown this year it wouldn't be surprising to see them try to make a splash.

    There is an issue of trading a fan favorite—he did make Cincinnati relevant after all—so trying to mend the relationship may be the team's first option.

7. Giants Trade Brandon Jacobs

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    After being benched, many wondered if Brandon Jacobs would even finish the 2010 season as a Giant. 

    He finished the season in the team's good graces but underneath there still has to be some hurt feelings.

    Obviously the Giants find value in his unique rushing abilities but the team has been good at finding diamonds in the rough—so they may be willing to part ways for a draft pick.

    Green Bay is an obvious team in need of a back. SF, NO, AZ and Indy are other teams with backfield woes.

    None seem likely to go after Jacobs because of his poor rep however.

    If the Giants want to deal him it may be tough.

6. Redskins Trade Donovan McNabb

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    Larry French/Getty Images

    The extension Donovan McNabb signed this season came with an interesting clause: If Washington doesn't want to keep him or trade him, he will become a free agent—no strings attached.

    That clause could put a wrench in any trade plans, but if Washington wants to play hardball and get something in return there should be options.

    Arizona is working on a new deal with WR Larry Fitzgerald and they need someone to get him the ball. 

    Bringing in McNabb would allow them to draft defense, A.J. Green or possibly even a QB of the future to develop.

    The Arizona media doesn't think the team is looking at McNabb but the fact that he summers there (along with the makeup of their team) makes me think otherwise.

    All of the other QB-hungry teams should show interest as well. The price last year was a second round, and future third or fourth-round pick. It might only cost a third this year.

5. Eagles Trade Kevin Kolb

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    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Kevin Kolb wants to be a starter. Michael Vick is a starter. Andy Reid might, if, maybe, well...

    The Eagles love to make trades. I don't see them sticking with the 23rd pick in this year's draft and I don't see them holding an asset like Kolb before his value fades.

    We've seen the good and bad of Kolb this year so I wouldn't expect anyone to fork over a first-round pick, but they could get the second-round pick they spent back.

    It would depend on Jim Harbaugh's evaluation, but San Francisco is an interesting option here. 

    Other contenders like Minnesota and Tennessee have to be considered as well.

4. Panthers Trade Steve Smith

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    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    The Panthers are rebuilding.

    Fans may point to the turnaround St. Louis had after being the top pick in the draft but that would be neglecting to acknowledge they held the No. 2 pick for the two years prior.

    Steve Smith does not deserve to be a part of any rebuilding process, the top reason for keeping him around would be to give the fans a player they recognize.

    His numbers have been declining for three straight seasons, so it might be tough to get much more than a fourth or fight for him, but the team would save money and add another young role player.

    Smith could add value to any roster, especially a team like the aforementioned Rams. 

    Not sure if Carolina would do an in-division trade but Atlanta need someone to take pressure of Roddy White.

3. Redskins Trade Albert Haynesworth

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    After the headache Albert Haynesworth caused the Washington Redskins this season, I wouldn't be surprised if they outright cut his a..butt.

    Is Haynesworth done though? I think we're seeing an Oakland Randy Moss in 350-pound form.

    The top team rumored is Tennessee. Haynesworth really wants to be back in the 4-3 and he was truly unstoppable there. 

    If he is willing to take a pay-cut, a team would be willing to give up more for him.

    At this time, tough to put a draft-pick price tag on Haynesworth.

2. Broncos Trade Kyle Orton

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Of the Denver QBs (sorry ND fans I didn't include Brady "Now I'm Done" Quinn), I expect Kyle Orton to be traded over Tebow.

    Wherever Josh McDaniels goes could be his landing spot. Minnesota and Miami are at the top of that list.

    San Francisco has recently entered the rumor mill for Orton too.

    Orton is a plug-and-play guy for a playoff caliber team. He carries low risk, and this season he displayed the ability to put up big numbers.

    His actual value is pretty low. He was a fourth-round pick, and lumped in the Jay Cutler trade with two firsts and a third. I'd see Denver getting a fourth or fifth for him at most, but as a team collecting picks they'll take it.

1. Titans Trade Vince Young

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    Grant Halverson/Getty Images

    The Titans were faced with an ultimatum and they chose Coach Jeff Fisher over Vince Young.

    Cutting Young is an option but he still has trade value.

    There has been a lot of talk in Miami of Chad Henne losing his job to Young. Seattle and Minnesota are also looking for QBs with the game management skills to win close ones.

    Due to his attitude issues, teams may get a discount on Young. A sixth-round pick is better than cutting him.