Patriots Win the Super Bowl and Tom Brady Will Have a Better Legacy Than Manning

Galvin KilroeContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2011

The Greatest Quarterback of All Time?
The Greatest Quarterback of All Time?Elsa/Getty Images

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Tom Brady will pass up Peyton Manning as the best quarterback of this generation. 

This comparison does not include Dan Marino or Joe Montana because Montana was not active during Manning’s career, and Marino was past his prime when Manning started, and retired before Brady played in a professional game.

Peyton Manning is arguably the greatest regular season quarterback of all time.  His troubles tend to begin when months start ending in “y.”  Manning has a career playoff record of 9-10, while Brady is 15-4. 

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Tom Brady will improve his playoff record to 18-4.  He will have twice as many playoff wins as Manning, and 40 percent the amount of playoff losses Manning has.

Tom Brady will have four Super Bowl rings and only one Super Bowl loss.  Manning is 1-1 in the big game, and threw a crucial interception to cost the Colts the game last year, while Tom Brady has already led two game-winning Super Bowl Drives. 

If the Patriots win this year, it is not unreasonable to think that Brady will get two more rings at some point, surpassing Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the quarterback with the most Super Bowl rings. 

In recent years, Brady has narrowed the statistical gap with Manning.  The difference between the players is now becoming similar to Kennedy’s fictitious “missile gap” with the Soviets.  Meaning, it does not exist. 

Saying that one player has better statistics than the other is like comparing apples to apples.  They are both great.  This is not about selecting your favorite quarterback; it is possible to acknowledge that both are amazing at what they do, while still acknowledging you would rather have Brady leading a team than Manning.

One of the biggest knocks on Brady has been that anyone could pass effectively with the offensive line protection he receives, but this is a fallacy, because Brady has been sacked 13 more times than Manning has in far less games than Manning has played. 

The difference between their yards per attempt is negligent at .2 a yard an attempt more for Manning, and Brady has a slightly better quarterback rating than Manning. 

Additionally, Manning’s prime is behind him.  He had his lowest quarterback rating since 2002, and his career rating will likely continue to drop the next several years, whereas Brady posted his second highest quarterback rating of his career.  His quarterback rating has only been better in the year the Patriots went undefeated, a feat Manning has never been able to accomplish.

Manning has had the benefit of playing with two future Hall of Fame receivers in Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.  Brady played briefly with one, Randy Moss, and enjoyed the greatest statistical season any quarterback has ever had.

Brady also has a better touchdown to interception rate than Manning. 

The biggest knock on Brady is the Patriots likely employed methods of cheating that has enabled Brady to have a higher winning percentage than Manning, which is why he desperately needs to win a Super Bowl this year to cement his legacy as the greatest quarterback of this generation. 

If the Patriots win it all this year, the rings and numbers will speak for themselves, and any person who says Manning is a better quarterback either hates the Patriots or is a Colts fan. 

Manning is beginning to look more like Dan Marino, while Brady seems more like a Joe Cool.  If the numbers and rings do not say enough, Brady is married to one of the hottest women alive, and we all know Brazilians have the best judgment when it comes to football players.  Actually, that might be another type of football, but I am not really sure.