Brett Favre and the 10 Biggest QB Disappointments This Season

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2011

Brett Favre and the 10 Biggest QB Disappointments This Season

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    Brett Favre's been on many lists during his long, Hall of Fame career, but the "10 Biggest QB Disappointments This Season" might be a first.

    The veteran quarterback held his annual offseason retirement drama, eventually showing up at the Vikings' facility just as training camp was winding down (strange, huh). Many expected he was the missing piece for the Vikings to make a run at the Super Bowl. Instead, his season ended on a frozen field in Minneapolis.

    Favre's not the only quarterback to have a bad season. Here are the 10 biggest flops at quarterback this season.

10. Vince Young, Tennessee

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    When he was healthy, Young played pretty well for the Titans. In fact, he was among the leaders in passer rating early in the season (passer rating might go down as one of the most unknown stats in NFL history, but that's another story).

    But a sprained ankle turned into a revolving door at quarterback, a season-ending hand injury and a very public falling out with coach Jeff Fisher that now has Young looking for work.

9. Jimmy Clausen, Carolina

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    It's hard to call a rookie quarterback disappointing, especially when there's not much talent around him. But Clausen looked like he wasn't ready for the big-time. He only averaged a little more than 100 passing yards per game and had three touchdowns to nine interceptions.

    It was no surprise the Panthers were looking at Andrew Luck in this year's draft.

8. Matt Moore, Carolina

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    Part of the reason Clausen was thrown into the fray early was because Matt Moore turned out to be a flop for John Fox. Moore earned the job when he played well at the end of the 2009 season, but apparently defenses had figured him out by 2010 and, eventually, he was sitting on the bench in Charlotte.

7. Eli Manning, New York Giants

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    Eli did have some bright spots this season, including being near the top of the league in passing yards and touchdowns. But he also led the league in interceptions and made bad throws too many times this season.

    He's not the main reason why the Giants collapsed down the stretch again, but he takes the blame here.

6. Chad Henne, Miami

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    Henne had all the potential to become one of the better quarterbacks, with a star receiver and the possibility to bring Miami into the fold in the AFC. What happened instead was an injury-riddled, inconsistent, 19-interception, 7-9 season that has the Dolphins wondering about their future at quarterback.

5. Jake Delhomme, Cleveland

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    Jake Delhomme went to Cleveland looking for a fresh start after seven strong years in Carolina. Unfortunately, his interception problems followed him to Cleveland, too, and the Colt McCoy era started earlier than expected.

4. Alex Smith, San Francisco

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    Smith had more touchdowns (14) than interceptions (10) this season, but he was never able to really get into a rhythm as the starting quarterback before he was eventually benched, then brought back as the starter, then benched again, then the starter again.

    Kind of sums up his whole career to this point, doesn't it?

3. Derek Anderson, Arizona

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    Long before Anderson was laughing on the sideline and then defending it in a much more meaningful manner, he was trying to take over for Kurt Warner. But a few weeks later, he was on the bench, watching the Cardinals struggle to a very Cardinal-esque season. 

2. Brett Favre, Minnesota

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    So how much did we hear this year about how Brett Favre was going to get the Vikings to the Super Bowl? Rightfully so, at first—I mean, they were one pass away from going to and possibly winning the Super Bowl.

    Instead, Favre came back for one last shot. The Vikings collapsed, then had in-fighting that cost the coach his job, then Favre saw his streak come to a close and his career finally end in a press room in Detroit after his team's season ended.

1. Donovan McNabb, Washington

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    As much as he heard about Favre, we heard just as much about McNabb. How the Redskins had finally found a quarterback and how the Eagles would be sorry they traded him.

    For the first few weeks, it looked like they were all right. Then the Redskins lost to Detroit, McNabb had his cardiovascular endurance questioned and eventually ended up the third-string quarterback behind Rex Grossman.

    Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins, everyone.