Super Bowl Predictions: Matchups We Guarantee You Won't See

Ross ColemanAnalyst IJanuary 11, 2011

Super Bowl Predictions: Matchups We Guarantee You Won't See

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    After a fantastic Wild Card Weekend in the NFL playoffs, each conference is down to their final four.

    In the AFC the New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots are all fighting for a Super Bowl berth. In the NFC, it is the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Atlanta Falcons.

    This slideshow is ranking the possible Super Bowl matchups from most likely to least likely.

    With 16 possible Super Bowl games, there is only one that will come to fruition. Which one will it be? Stay tuned to the NFL playoffs to find out. Which is least likely? Check out this slideshow.

16. Atlanta Falcons Vs. New England Patriots

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    This is the game with the best chance of happening. New England is the best team in football right now, plain and simple. If they get knocked out of the playoffs, it will be a huge upset.

    Atlanta is the best team in the NFC, or at least I think they are. The NFC looks a little like a crap-shoot, but the Falcons looks like they have the best chance to come out of the conference. 

    Prediction: New England 34, Atlanta 24

15. Green Bay Packers Vs. New England Patriots

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    This game would actually be a rematch of a very interesting and competitive game from earlier in the season. Green Bay was playing without Aaron Rodgers but nearly knocked off the Patriots 31-27 behind former LSU quarterback Matt Flynn.

    Like I said before, the Patriots are the AFC favorites. Green Bay looks like the most talented six-seed in recent playoff history. If they are able to run the game as well as they did against the Eagles, they have a good chance to make the Super Bowl.

    Prediction: New England 31, Green Bay 24

14. Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots

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    This game would be another rematch from earlier in the season; however, this one was not nearly as close as the Patriots game against the Packers. In week 14, New England traveled to Chicago and beat up on the Bears 36-7 in the snow at Solider Field.

    I think if the Bears advance to the Super Bowl, it would be a pretty big shock, but I don't see them being able to knock of the Patriots.

    Prediction: New England 38. Chicago 17

13. Atlanta Falcons Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Yet another rematch from a game earlier this season.

    In week one, a Ben Roethlisberger-less Steelers team beat the Falcons 15-9 in overtime.

    A lot has happened for both of these teams since that first matchup. The Falcons have turned into the class of the NFC, and if it weren't for the Patriots great run through the regular season, they might be considered the best team in the NFL.

    I think the fact that the Steelers would have Roethlisberger back would give them the edge in this one, but it would be a great game. 

    Prediction: Pittsburgh 24, Atlanta 20

12. Green Bay Packers Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    This game would be a fun one.

    Both the Packers and Steelers have veteran quarterbacks that are fantastic at managing their offenses, solid offensive weapons that allow those quarterbacks to spread the ball around, and hard hitting defenses that can enforce their wills over nearly any other team.

    The edge here would have to go to the Steelers because of Ben Roethlisberger's postseason experience. That isn't to say that Aaron Rodgers won't have success in the playoffs, but Roethlisberger has as many Super Bowl wins as Rodgers has playoff starts.

    Predictions: Pittsburgh 23, Green Bay 20

11. Chicago Bears Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    This game would be a defensive struggle more about which team can force mistakes by their opponent than anything else. 

    The good news for the Steelers is that they would be playing against a quarterback with a mistake-prone history in Jay Cutler.

    Got to like Pittsburgh's chances if this is the Super Bowl.

    Prediction: Pittsburgh 27, Chicago 17

10. Atlanta Falcons Vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    The nice thing about a lot of these matchups is that many of them happened earlier in the season. This is just another example of that.

    In week 10, the Falcons beat the Ravens 26-21 in a fantastic game.

    The Ravens had no answer for Roddy White, who caught two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to fuel the Falcons.

    The winner of this game is the one that has a quarterback that steps up and doesn't turn the ball over. I think that would end up being Matt Ryan.

    Prediction: Atlanta 31, Baltimore 25

9. Atlanta Falcons Vs. New York Jets

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    The Jets were part of a shocking Saturday during Wild Card weekend when they knocked off the Indianapolis Colts with a last second field goal off the foot of Nick Folk.

    While the Jets think they will win the Super Bowl, I just don't see it happening. If they make it to Dallas, their most likely opponent would be the Falcons.

    Even if they play great defense and run the ball well, I don't think they have enough to beat the Falcons.

    Prediction: Atlanta 31, New York 20

8. Green Bay Packers Vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    This game is probably the hardest to predict out of the 16 possibilities.

    The Ravens have a stellar defense led by Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and a young offense led by Joe Flacco that hasn't lived up to the publicity they were receiving in the preseason.

    The Packers have a fast defense led by Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson and a banged up offense led by Aaron Rodgers.

    If the Packers can continue their success running the ball (not likely against the Ravens) and force Flacco to make mistakes, they have a good chance to win this one.

    Prediction: Baltimore 27, Green Bay 24

7. Green Bay Packers Vs. New York Jets

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    This would be another rematch from a game earlier in the season.

    In week eight, the Packers beat the Jets 9-0.

    Both teams played sloppy in the first meeting, In the second one, both teams have a much clearer idea of who they are.

    I think the pressure that Mark Sanchez would feel in this game from Clay Matthews and the rest of the Packers' defense would be really tough for an offense that has struggled at times.

    Prediction: Green Bay 24, New York 14

6. Chicago Bears Vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    It's hard to look at this game without feeling like Jay Cutler would be facing a nightmare going up against the Ravens defense.

    Cutler has had a fantastic season so far in Chicago, but facing the Ravens defense would make even the steadiest of quarterbacks sweat.

    Prediction: Baltimore 20, Chicago 10

5. Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets

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    Hey, another rematch game!

    In week 16, the Bears beat the Jets 38-34 in Chicago.

    Jay Cutler played well for the Bears in the first matchup, but the real star for the Bears was running back Matt Forte, who finished with 113 yards and a touchdown on the ground and 56 more yards through the air.

    The Bears would have won the game by 14 had it not been for an interception return by the Jets and a fourth quarter field goal.

    I think this one would be closer than 14, but I still think the Bears would win.

    Prediction: Chicago 31, New York 27

4. Seattle Seahawks Vs. New England Patriots

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    Finally we have a Seahawks sighting!

    Honestly, this should be a separate list, because I think there is no way the Seahawks make the Super Bowl. And before you say there was no way they were going to beat New Orleans, I will say that I thought they had a chance to win that one for a number of reasons, all of which came into play.

    However, if the Seahawks somehow make it to the the Super Bowl, they won't win it.

    Against the Patriots, it could end up being one of the ugliest Super Bowls in history.

    Prediction: New England 41, Seattle 17

3. Seattle Seahawks Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Just a few short years ago, this was a Super Bowl matchup. Now things are different.

    If this game did happen, it is another one that looks like it would be a mismatch.

    The Steelers are just too good and the Seahawks are not good enough.

    Pittsburgh would make this one ugly real quick.

    Prediction: Pittsburgh 38, Seattle 10

2. Seattle Seahawks Vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    I will say that if the Seahawks made it this far, they might have a chance in this one.

    Some guys would really have to step up in order to make it a possibility, including Matt Hasselbeck, Marshawn Lynch, and Mike Williams.

    Honestly, against the Ravens defense, I think they would tee off on Hasselbeck.

    Prediction: Baltimore 24, Seattle 13

1. Seattle Seahawks Vs. New York Jets

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    Of all the possible Super Bowl matchups involving the Seahawks, this one would probably be the most entertaining.

    Mark Sanchez, the former USC quarterback, against Pete Carroll, the former USC coach that didn't think Sanchez was ready for the NFL.

    I think the Jets are a much better team that the Seahawks, but I think this one would be close.

    Prediction: New York 21, Seattle 20