Why Not Vince Young? NFL Teams Are Starving for Quarterbacks

Todd WashburnContributor IJanuary 10, 2011

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 21:  Quarterback Vince Young #11 of the Tennessee Titans talks with a member of the training staff after leaving a game against the Washington Redskins at LP Field on November 21, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Redskins won 19-16 in overtime.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

I have finally arrived here in sunny California.  Why is it so cold here to me?  I thought I left the frigid Midwest for greener pastures.

Anywho, the 2010 NFL season has been a weird one, eh? One thing that has left the NFL clamering for in a "quarterback driven" league, is just that: a performer at the field general level.

So many teams have seen the emergence of the future of the NFL at the QB position such as the Cleveland Browns with Texas star Colt McCoy, St. Louis and Sam Bradford, Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers stepping out of the shadows of the Brett Favre era, Matthew Stafford in Detroit (however he is as brittle as a newborn), and I would also like to see what Jimmy Clausen can do before he is completely written off.

So yesterday I read an article written by Charley Casserly (yes, that's what I do—point out writers and their publications) who writes for The NFL Today where he really just drops a manhole cover on Vince Young and claims that teams who are in desperate need of passing help aren't even looking at him. 

Really Chuck? Had you cited references to whom you spoke with behind what doors, perhaps I would be a little more compelled to understand and believe your argument.  Since this league and its teams are a business, I highly doubt they enjoy talking to media and fans to publicize their every move. 

Charley "surveyed" these teams in need using his own words.  Who Charley? What teams? Who answered the phone and said unto you these words? You don't know is the answer because you didn't.  Charley believes Vince Young will be signed as a back up in the off season.  Wow.  So Charley Casserly is the messiah.  Thanks, but no thanks for such crap journalism; now move along.

It would be stupid for a team like San Francisco or Minnesota who are in dire straights right now for a pigskin hurler to not even bring him in for a workout.  This league is desperate for starters.  And Charley is going to feed us this bull? Seriously? Where guys like Max Hall, Troy Smith, Joe Webb, "Jesus" Charlie Whitehurst and Chad Henne are all filling starting roles for losing teams? 

Next: Young hasn't been happy in Tennessee.  I understand he may not be the best worker bee with his attitude: I got it.  He also isn't a diva either.  People have their mental problems and perhaps he has some of those and he needs help. 

However, Tennessee really hasn't had a great track record with keeping employees happy under head coach Jeff Fisher lately either.  Randy Moss will tell you that.  Chris Johnson will tell you that.  Albert Haynesworth showed us that.  Steve McNair could've told us that, he ended up in Baltimore.

I'm guessing here since the Titans went 6-10 it's all Vince Young's fault and it's not a team sport anymore.  Going from a top-tier defense to a 15th ranked defense is all Vince Young's fault.  Finishing dead last in the AFC South is all his fault too.  Please. 

Young didn't post staggering numbers through their air due to the Titans having a monster running back in Chris Johnson however his numbers really aren't terrible either. 

Young played nine games this season with a QB rating of 98.6. He completes about 60 percent of his passes, with 8 yards per attempt.  He threw for 10 touchdowns and only three picks.  I know that's nothing compared to the 39-year-old Kerry Collins' 82.2 QB rating, 57.6 completion pct., and his 6.6 yards per completion—and whose best years are obviously behind him. 

Bottom line, if I'm the Arizona Cardinals or San Francisco 49ers and I am the bottom third in the NFL in passing, and seem to change quarterbacks quicker than ESPN changes anchors on SportsCenter, you bet I am taking a look at Vince Young in the off season for at the very least a workout to compete for that starting position.

I'm not saying Vince Young is the second coming of Joe Montana or John Elway.  He is just a viable starting candidate for teams who need help.

With that being said, I honestly hope he can be happy with a change of scenery, and hope the powers that be will have a serious discussion about his attitude and behavior.  It's still cold outside will someone please turn the heat back on!