Life Changes In a Blink Of an Eye, It'd Be Nice If the Raiders Wouldn't Part 2

Jarrod CooperCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2017

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When you think of the Oakland Raiders you think of the most monumental owner in NFL history. Al Davis has done so much for the game of football I would be doing him an injustice by trying to write down all of his accomplishments. 

Al has always kept the details of his personal life on a need to know bases and he felt that most people didn't need to know.  I have more respect for Al Davis then most people have for their own family members. And in respect to Al there are things I have learned about him that I will never share. But respect doesn't mean turning your head on the truth.  Every person on this earth has been wrong about one thing or another and needed to be put back in place.

Al is simply out of control, he really had no reason to fire Tom Cable the only thing I could come up with is the players said Tom was starting to stand up for himself.  Al gets very defensive when asked why he fired Tom and the only thing that he can say is" I am still the boss I can do anything I wants."  In the state of California that doesn't justify firing someone but Al has gotten away with it time and time again. 

Al's story to the public doesn't match up with what the players are telling me.  Most players have bought into Tom's philosophy and respect Tom for telling them the truth.  Al has made comments about not liking what direction Tom was taking the team even though the Raiders finished 6-0 in their division and 8-8 on the season.  The truth is Tom has gained more trust from the players then Al, an Al doesn't like that one bit.  A similar occurrence happened with Lane Kiffin, Kiffin gained the respect of the players and stopped listening to Al all together.  That is why Al went out of his way to make Kiffin look like a bad person and coach.

To create unity within a team it has to start at the top you cant have your boss always changing their story.  I'm sure that you have someone you work with that is always telling stories, after awhile you just stop listening to them and you certainly don't trust them.  Imagine if that was your boss, this is one of the big reasons Charles Woodson and several other players wanted to get out of Oakland they were tired of the uncertain conditions.  And it doesn't stop with the players, the administration side of the Oakland Raiders is just as bad, I have talked to numerous  ex employees that have nothing positive to say about their experience as a Raider employee. I wish I could tell their stories but I don't know how credible an angry ex employee is. 

Asomugha loves playing for such a legendary organization but he has reached a breaking point that is making him want to leave the Raiders.  An it doesn't stop there, despite the great performances of several rookies they have expressed their disappointment in their NFL experience.  How it wasn't anything like they dreamed it would to, I assured them that not every team in the NFL is ran like the Oakland Raiders.  I told them the most important reason your here is to play football and always to remember.  It's hard as a veteran to tell young NFL players that it's going to get better when I know how short NFL careers are. 

My question to everyone is what do you expect out of Hue Jackson.  I personal think he can be a great head coach, but just like the rest he will soon find out who Al Davis really is.  Hue has a high competitive drive just like Tom Cable and Lane Kiffin and with that being said Hue is going to end up running the team his on way.  What do you the fans think is going to happen when Hue starts winning games and the players start respecting and trusting Hue more then Al?

Jarrod Cooper

NFL Alumni

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