Is It Possible to Determine an Ultimate Independent Champion?

Devon TeepleAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2011

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has gotten a lot of heat over the years, primarily because an outright champion cannot be determined.  For example a 12-1 team is declared National Champion when a less hyped, smaller 13-0 school gets left out in the cold. 

Many of you who follow The GM’s Perspective are familiar with my writings about the Independent leagues.  While my bias stems from the opportunity that the River City Rascals and Gateway Grizzlies afforded me upon the conclusion of my college career at York College, I am still impressed with the talent in the Indy leagues.  Not just because of my time there but because of the players it has produced; 

Max Scherzer

Brendan Donnelly

J.D. Drew

Kevin Millar

R.J. Swindle

D.J. Carrasco

George Sherrill

Daniel Nava

Scott Richmond

Sergio Romo

Brad Ziegler 

Not bad for players who weren’t meant for the professional game? 

With that said, the BCS with their rules, contracts and computers can’t justify a playoff system to determine a “true” champion, what is stopping the Independent baseball teams and leagues from setting up their own end of the year tournament to crown and all-around winner. 

Clubs already play a shortened season, meaning the more face time at the end of the year the better.  The more television time and advertisements all lead to more revenue for cash strapped clubs looking to increase exposure. 

In my estimation this is something that could have endless possibilities.  I will continue to write and document my findings in future posts. 

Who knows, with the new North American Baseball League forming a “Super League”, are we far from crowning an All-Independent King?

Devon is the founder of The GM’s Perspective


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